Hej/Hei! Welcome to a truly Scandinavian corner of the internet.

Whether you’re a Nordic native, an immigrant to this beautiful region or just dreaming of your next trip north, I’ve got you covered.

My goal is to help you find out everything there is to know to satisfy your not-so-inner Scandiphile, from the weird, wild to the wonderful. And I may be biased, but there’s plenty of the latter in this part of the world.

If you were born here, whether that be with strong Viking roots or as a more recent arrival, then you know what I’m talking about.

But for others, you may have (or plan to) come here for “just a year” or even “just a weekend”. And then it happens.

You’re riding your bike past a row of colorful houses lining a canal in Denmark on a summer day as the locals laugh and calls of skål ring out. Or you’re staring in awe at a majestic mountain in Norway jutting up into the sky. Perhaps you’re even hiking in a forest in Sweden and as the trees part, you stumble upon a lake you had no idea was there.

And before you know it…you’re hooked.

Which is why I want to offer everything you may want to know about Scandinavia, whether that’s where to go, what to do, or just that one-off question that suddenly popped into your mind.

After all, as a Scandinavian immigrant myself, I’m pretty hooked too – and I’d love for you to be the same.

picture of Seek Scandinavia founder Astrid Thornton

Meet Astrid

I’m Astrid, the founder of Seek Scandinavia – and I’m so glad to have you here!

I created this site to help show the world everything that Scandinavia has to offer based on my own insider knowledge as a resident of (and frequent traveler throughout) this amazing region.

After all, I was exactly the person I wrote about above. I moved to Copenhagen for “just a year” for work…and that was more than ten years ago.

In that time, I’ve made it my personal mission to see as much of the Nordics as possible. It’s given me the chance to explore (and taste) so much of this corner of the world – that I now can’t wait to share with you!

And this means that I’ve been in your shoes. I so understand the desire to know what to see beyond the basics you’ll find in every guidebook, and so Seek Scandinavia aims to give you those insider tips that will take your Nordic experience to the next level.

Alternatively, if you’re thinking about moving here, maybe you’ll find the answer to the question that will give you the (gentle!) push to take that next step.

Sure, it hasn’t all been smooth sailing. Long, dark winter days start to get a bit old in February (no matter how much hygge you bring into your life) and there’s always going to be something that seems just not the same as home. But that’s also exactly where the fun parts can be found!

So velkommen, välkommen, velkominn and tervetuloa – time to help you find the Scandinavia you’re seeking!