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It’s crucial to learn more about a country before you decide to visit for the first time. Iceland is a favorite tourist destination. This is evident from the number of local travel agencies that you’re bound to come across.

So a list of curated websites on Iceland is a great way to get an idea of what information you need the most. You can find useful news about the weather and the mist ideal travel destinations.

Read on to find out what makes these Iceland websites worth your visit before you plan your trip.

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Best Iceland websites for a great trip

1. Fun Iceland

Fun Iceland website homepage

Fun Iceland is the website that you want to follow if you want to keep up-to-date with what happens in Iceland. Regína Hrönn curates this blog and ensures that you get the most out of Iceland. She gives you details about each place she visits.

This website gives you an array of accommodation options that you can find in Iceland. On top of that, you get access to rental services in the country. This is a website that’s packed with all the useful information that you need to make your travels to Iceland much-loved.

2. Vedur

Vedur Iceland website homepage

Did you know that Iceland has a lot of fickle weather? This is why you should have a practical way to know what the weather forecast is. The last thing that you want is to have unexpected weather affect your trip.

Vedur is a great website to keep you updated about Icelandic weather. The most important detail about this website is that it’s run by the Icelandic Meteorological Office. You’ll never miss any relevant weather changes while you enjoy your stay in Iceland.

3. SafeTravel

SafeTravel Iceland website homepage

Safety measures are a big part of your Icelandic experience. If you want to camp in Iceland or go on a hiking trail it’s essential for you to follow safety precautions. With that in mind, the search and rescue team in Iceland came together to create SafeTravel, one of the most important Iceland websites you’ll find.

It’s used by locals and tourists alike since it’s for all travelers in Iceland. It has all the crucial resources that you need. Importantly, it also provides alerts in different languages that include Icelandic, French and, yes, English. After all, speaking English in Iceland is remarkably widespread.

4. Vegagerdin

Vegagerdin Iceland website homepage

Iceland’s sometimes extreme weather conditions mean that, on occasion, the roads in Iceland can close from time to time. Of course, like anywhere, there are other reasons that may affect roads such as construction work.

It’s always ideal to know about any issues with the roads before jumping in the car and, fortunately, Iceland has a website dedicated to help locals know what the roads are like. Vegagerdin means “Roads In” and there’s both an Icelandic and English version of this website. Travel without worry when you plan your road trip and keep up-to-date with what potential road closures lie ahead.

5. What’s On

What's On Iceland website homepage

What’s a visit to Iceland without information about what makes it fit for the most fun events? You need What’s On to give you the low-down on everything that’s going on. It’s a great way to decide how you’ll spend your days during your trip here.

This site is very thorough, allowing you to find out what all of the main cities in the country have planned. This makes it a great resource alongside some of the other Iceland sites on this list to plan out your trip once you get to each destination within the country. Plus, it gives you a better idea on how Icelanders enjoy themselves!

6. Icelandair

Icelandair homepage

If you want to find out all about flight deals to and from Iceland, then Icelandair’s blog is a great starting point. Icelandair has a network with a wide variety of international routes and is especially good if you’re looking to travel to Iceland on the way to or from the US and Europe.

(It could even help you decide between, say, visiting Iceland vs Greenland – after all, why not do both!)

In addition to flight deals, this site also lets you learn more about Icelandic history, culture, travel tips and more, letting you really get to know the intricate details of your destination. 

7. Icelandtravel

Icelandtravel homepage

Did you know that has been the most trusted travel company in Iceland since 1937? Other services that this website provides include destination management and tour operators. Notably, you’ll have access to a myriad of tours in Iceland.

The travel blog includes a lot of helpful guides for tourists. In particular, you can enjoy the different ideas on how you can enjoy Iceland. It doesn’t matter whether you want to do a road trip or a guided tour – this site has you covered.

8. Discover Iceland

Discover Iceland website homepage

The team of this website is made up of very enthusiastic local guides. You get expert information from locals who love Iceland. With these local tips from those who’ve actually lived the place you’re going to, visiting Discover Iceland will ensure you get the most of your tour when you’re in Iceland.

My personal favorite part about this Iceland website is that they have tours that help you discover secret spots. Sure, visiting places like Geysir in Iceland is a must, but going off the beaten track is great as well. It’s an experience that helps you make you feel like you’re home and may even ensure that you visit Iceland again.

9. HappyCampers

Happy Campers website

Sometimes, you want to camp when you travel to a new destination. In Iceland, one of the more popular ways to do this is by using a camper rental van to enjoy this experience. If this sounds like something you may be interested in, this family-owned camping website, HappyCampers, provides you everything you need to know about this fun travel option.

The rental campervans are the clear highlight of this website. The designs aren’t just colorful, but they’re carefully designed. The safety features of these vans are also spectacular for anyone who wishes to try out HappyCampers.

10. homepage

When you plan a holiday in a foreign country, you may struggle with their currency. To have a currency converter on standby is the most convenient way to reduce your confusion. Most importantly, it should help you to stretch out your money throughout your stay. is ideal for this. While it’s not Iceland specific, it’s the most widely used currency converter on the internet and is great to have on hand.

You can also download the app and select your preferred currencies (including Icelandic krona – after all, don’t forget that you can’t really use euros in Iceland!) so you can do conversions even when you’re not connected to the internet. 

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11. Activity Iceland

Activity Iceland website homepage

Imagine a one-stop shop for all your travel needs? The expert local team running Activity Iceland ensures that you have an exceptional experience. This website provides you with all the things that you need to help you plan out your best Icelandic trip ever. 

In particular, the blog provides you with essential insights and important insider travel tips. The team that runs the website has really gone the extra mile to include a personal touch. 

Before traveling, I’d suggest reading up on their experiences and itinerary suggestions to improve your stay.

12. Go To Joy Iceland

Go To Joy Iceland website homepage

You should consider a local tour operator that’s based in Iceland when you plan your trip as this can help you to experience the country in a different light. Go To Joy Iceland may be just what you need on this point.

For example, there are very affordable day tours that you can find when you use this website. The great news for potential travelers is that these guided day tours aren’t limited by seasons. This means that you can improve how you experience Iceland at any time of the year thanks to this site.

13. Lonely Planet

Lonely Planet homepage

Lonely Planet is an incredible website that provides all the inspirational travel stories that you need. You have access to a multitude of travel experts from around the world who provide insider tips. Others share their Icelandic travel stories.

If you’re unsure about Iceland, this should be where you start with your journey. This provides the ultimate travel content that should make your trip worthwhile. Get to know more about Iceland from people all over the world who’ve been there, done that.

14. Hidden Iceland 

Hidden Iceland website homepage

Iceland features a number of travel agencies. Some are more on the bigger side, while others like Hidden Iceland are boutique travel agencies that offer you a unique experience.

This website caters particularly to small group tours. Reviews online confirm that the founders are dependable and offer an excellent experience. Notably, it seems that the trips are high quality and give each traveler a personalized experience.