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Norway is a country with a rich heritage of fashion and while their landscapes may be breathtaking, the weather can be pretty harsh, to say the least. But both these factors have come together to inspire some truly high quality Norwegian brands. 

They may not all be the biggest or most famous Norwegian brands but when it comes to items that are made in Norway and that keep you warm, dry and looking good all at the same time, these tick every single box.

They use the best materials and innovative designs to create clothes that are both stylish and comfortable, including some of the best Norwegian winter clothing brands to make sure you’re not too chilly on your next fjord adventure. If you’re looking for some new wardrobe inspiration, then be sure to check these out!

woman carrying sweaters from some of the best Norwegian brands

Best Norwegian brands for clothing

1. Bergans

Bergans is one of the most popular Norwegian brands and for good reason. They make high-quality, durable outdoor clothing that can withstand even the harshest conditions. If you’re looking for a down jacket or insulated pants, Bergans is a great option.

The company was established in 1909, when Ole Ferdinand Bergans created a backpack with an external frame. Since then, the firm has expanded into several different items and is now well-known for its technical clothing line.

The military, however, has continued to utilize Bergans backpacks since 1913, showing that this particular piece remains key to the company’s success.

2. Dale of Norway

Dale of Norway is a renowned Norwegian brand that has been making traditional wool sweaters for over 100 years. Their sweaters are perfect for both men and women and come in a variety of colors and patterns, with their knitted collection being what they are most famous for.

The firm was formed and is still headquartered in the Norwegian village of Dale. Since 1956, Dale of Norway has created and provided official Olympic and World Championship sweaters for the Norwegian National Alpine Ski Team. In addition, it was chosen to create the official Winter Olympic sweaters, so you’ll definitely see some famous Norwegian sportspeople wearing this brand.

3. Devold

Devold is another excellent Norwegian brand that specializes in outdoor and workwear clothing. Their products are both functional and stylish, making them a great choice for anyone who needs clothing that can perform well in tough conditions.

Ole Andreas Devold established the company in 1853, which is still operating today. He began by producing and selling woolen gloves and undergarments, using some of the most cutting-edge technology at the time, including mechanical tools that could knit clothes flawlessly within a shorter period.

woman wearing a sweater holding a coffee

The founder was a person who valued innovation and was one of the first to use modern technological advancements such as the light bulb and telephone. Due to improved technological tools, as well as because to excellent quality of their items, the company began to expand rapidly.

Devold also creates and sells a variety of different products, including sweaters, jackets, mittens and long johns. Their clothes are able to endure harsh weather, which has made them one of the most popular clothing for explorers and expeditioners.

4. Helly Hansen

Helly Hansen is a well-known Norwegian brand that has been making high-quality outdoor clothing for over 140 years. They make everything from rain jackets to ski pants, and their products are designed to help you stay comfortable and dry in all kinds of weather.

Helly Juell Hansen established the company in 1877. After working at sea since the age of 14, he and his wife came up with the notion to produce waterproof clothing constructed of rough linen oil-soaked coarse cloth.

For years, the company’s main market has been waterproof clothing and workwear for fishermen. Following the discovery of oil in the North Sea, the firm began producing offshore worker apparel and survival garb.

In the late 1990s, Helly Hansen clothing became popular among urban kids in North England and the United States’ hip hop scene. As a result, the firm has established itself as one of Norway’s most well-known apparel companies.

5. Holzweiler

Holzweiler is a newer Norwegian brand that is quickly gaining popularity. Their simple, yet stylish clothing is perfect for anyone who wants to look good without spending a lot of money.

The company was launched in 2012 in Oslo with a unique, eye-catching line of scarves. They later expanded into collections of jackets, coats and knitwear.

woman wearing a scarf from one of the biggest Norwegian clothing brands

6. Johnnylove

Johnnylove is a Norwegian brand that specializes in streetwear. Their clothes are trendy and fashionable, yet still affordable.

The company was founded to provide Norwegian males a method of updating their wardrobes without ever going over into business attire. The designs are rooted in tradition: clean lines, basic forms, solid color schemes, and limited branding.

The brand’s most recognizable products are its jackets, according to founder John Vinnem, who claims they’re typically the first items purchased by men and that they frequently lead to a long patronage of the brand.

7. Marius Kids

There’s no better present than a warm wool coat, dress or jumpsuit with the classic Marius design. And the rights to the renowned pattern for children’s wear up to 12 years of age are held by Marius Kids, who continue to create incredible clothes for kids. Don’t worry, you’ll also find some gorgeous matching hat and mitten sets to really finish off your child’s Nordic look.

girl wearing sweater and beanie

You’ll find modern colors in their collection, like shades of green and pink, alongside the traditional red, white, and blue design (those Norwegian stereotypes aren’t all wrong, after all!) representing the colors of the Norwegian flag.

Marius Kids is dedicated to using environmentally friendly materials like bamboo, and the brand constantly ensures that its cool clothing for kids allows for movement, fun, and play.

8. Norlender Knitwear

Norlender is a family-owned company with roots dating back to 1927. It is one of the few remaining textile mills in Norway, having been operational for 90 years and three generations.

After all that time, they continue to be able to provide garments constructed of Norwegian 100 percent pure new wool, produced in Norway and spun and knit in their factory on the Norwegian west coast. Wool has been worn in northern Norway for over 6000 years, and it has served as a natural fiber with the remarkable ability to keep people warm in chilly and humid conditions – which remains as true now as it did back then.

Norlender is known for its use of high-quality yarns, and they work with skilled spinners in both Norway and throughout the rest of Europe. Because of this, the quality of Norwegian woolen clothing is well-known worldwide.

9. Norrøna

Norrøna is an award-winning Norwegian brand that makes high-quality outdoor clothing. They make everything from technical jackets to casual wear, all with a focus on sustainability.

The brand is well-known for its cutting-edge technology and its staff are dedicated to research and development to ensure that the clothing is as high-tech as necessary in the Norwegian climate.

Norrøna, which was founded in 1929, has been supplying Norwegians with outerwear that can withstand the harsh Norwegian climate for almost 90 years. Jørgen Jørgenson began the brand, which has been handed down through three generations of the same family and employs just 55 people across the entire business.

10. Northern Playground

Northern Playground is a Norwegian brand that makes stylish and functional outdoor clothing. Their clothes are perfect for anyone who loves spending time in nature, whether you’re hiking, camping, embracing blueberry season in Norway on a warmer day or enjoying a day out in the snow when the temperature drops.

man wearing a Sweater from one of the most famous Norwegian winter clothing brands

They were established in 2011 and produce wool and fleece outerwear, as well as undergarments, among other things. In particular, their best sellers (and the first piece they released) are their ziplongs, which are a pair of trousers with zip-on sides that allow for greater flexibility and comfort.

This stuff is made of microfleece or wool, depending on the pattern, and it’s extremely insulating as well as practical. In fact, all of their tops and bottoms are built with function in mind, making them high-performance apparel that you can utilize in a variety of situations.

11. Norwegian Rain

Norwegian Rain is a Norwegian brand that makes stylish and functional rainwear. Their clothes are perfect for anyone who needs to stay dry in wet or rainy conditions.

T-Micheal and Alexander Helle, the brand’s designer and creative director, respectively, began their line in 2008. Since then, they’ve won numerous honors while also establishing a devoted following.

Norwegian Rain is a fashion-forward outerwear brand that combines high-tech, high-performance design with a sartorial approach to style. The end result is clothing that can withstand the severe Norwegian winter while also looking professional.

12. Rauma

Rauma combines high-tech knitting with both modern and traditional Norwegian designs to create something unique. The success of Rauma is founded on 100 percent Norwegian wool that is carefully spun and manufactured into long-lasting, comfy sweaters.

Rauma is known for their classic knitting designs like Marius, Setesdal, and Fana, as well as high-quality yarn. Rauma has expanded its business to include clothing since becoming more well known, although the whole process of producing wool to finished product still takes place in Norway.

These are sweaters and hats you’ll fall in love with, which will last a long time so that it’s true love! Enjoy them while taking trips to the famed waterfalls or through the spectacular fjords of Norway.

13. Røros Tweed

Have you ever fantasized about wrapping yourself in the beautiful Scandinavian nature of mountains and fjords, only to be disappointed that you couldn’t? If you’re looking for a way to feel as though you’ve wrapped yourself in a blanket consisting of everything Norway has to offer, Røros Tweed is the place to go.

Their high-quality blankets are produced in Norway, handcrafted from Norwegian wool, and designed in conjunction with some of Scandinavia’s top designers and textile artists.

woman with a blanket reading in front of a fireplace

The company originally began when a wealthy CEO donated his money to the poor people of Røros in an unusual manner. He bought wool and linen, then distributed them so that those who made use of the goods could create warm clothing from them.

The workers were paid for their efforts and clothing was distributed every year, with some being given back to the people who produced them. This legacy evolved into a factory as the years passed, and Røros Tweed was created. They expanded from blankets in the end, with curtains, textiles for furniture, and tweed all being manufactured.

Røros Tweed is today best known for its blankets, both for children and adults, which are inspired by the cultural heritage of Røros and the mountain environment. They offer both conventional hues as well as more contemporary and creative patterns, meaning that they’ll fit alongside any home decor choice you make.

14. Scandinavian Explorer

Scandinavian Explorer is a Norwegian brand that makes high-quality outdoor clothing. Their clothes are perfect for anyone who loves spending time in nature, whether you’re hiking, camping, or just enjoying a day out in the snow.

These clothes are designed for traveling and, as the name indicates, are produced by Norsemen who have the need to explore in their DNA. Scandinavian Explorer specializes in designing clothing for the entire family.

These bright yellow, orange, pink, and purple down jackets aren’t only meant to keep you warm; they’re also designed after the weather! Look for inspiration from crisp white snow, fresh blue rain, and enchanting green of the Northern Lights. This brand has taken inspiration from Scandinavian nature to create some of the world’s most appealing hues for their clothing.

They are also experts in keeping you warm and dry, given their technical understanding of what will function in the ever-changing weather conditions of Scandinavia.

15. Skogstad

Skogstad is a Norwegian brand that makes high-quality outdoor clothing. Their clothes are perfect for anyone who loves spending time in nature, whether you’re hiking, camping, or just enjoying a day out in the snow.

man talking on the phone while wearing a sweater from a famous Norwegian brand

They produce some of the best jackets, mid-layers, accessories, pants, and base layers in the industry. Their collections include menswear, womenswear, and youngsters’ clothes as well as options for men and women.

Jackets come in a variety of styles, from technical and softshell varieties to down and heavy winter parkas that are well suited to the toughest weather conditions. They take pleasure in the endurance and weather-resistance of their goods, especially when it comes to waterproof jackets.

16. Swims

Swims is a Norwegian brand that makes high-quality rainwear. Their clothes are perfect for anyone who needs to stay dry in wet or rainy conditions.

Norway is pretty well known for its harsh climate. Because of this, it’s not unusual to see people wearing rain boots, a kind of rubber boot that is worn over shoes to keep them from becoming muddy or wet.

In fact, Swims has its foundations in this very idea. While studying in New York on a rainy day in 2006, a Norwegian student conceived of turning his grandfather’s old rain boots into something more fashionable.

The company has since branched out to offer  jackets and coats, as well as expanding their shoe line into waterproof sneakers and loafers.

17. Swix

Swix is a Norwegian brand that makes high-quality ski and winter sports clothing. Their clothes are perfect for anyone who loves spending time in the snow, whether you’re skiing, snowboarding, or just enjoying a day out in the cold.

woman taking a selfie in winter clothing

Headquartered in Lillehammer, Swix was actually founded in Sweden in 1946 as a producer of modern ski wax, although production was split between Sweden and Norway. By 1964, all production had been moved to Norway. With subsequent purchases of other companies which merged into the Swix name, they began manufacturing ski poles and, eventually, technical sportswear.

And their technical sportswear is what they continue to be known for, being highly recognized for their high quality clothing that keeps you warm and dry no matter how the weather chooses to behave.

18. Twentyfour

Twentyfour by name and nature – these clothes, like the name indicates, can be worn all day and all night! Skiing in the steep slopes of the Nordic mountains is what they’re designed for, but they can also be worn to a night on the town. Twentyfour’s objective is to create clothing that may be worn at any time and anywhere!

This is a young company with a fresh and youthful style that emphasizes technical details to assure quality and durability, which was established in 2006. Still, elements of their collection are reminiscent of the good old days, drawing inspiration from more traditional Norwegian items.

Their anoraks and pants are designed for movement and combine traditional Norwegian style with modern colors. The light and smooth fabrics move effortlessly with you, whether you’re dancing at the end-of-season party or hiking in picturesque Norwegian nature.