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Do bald eagles live in Norway? For bird enthusiasts heading to Scandinavia, particularly those coming from North America, it’s certainly a relevant question.

After all, bald eagles are such magnificent birds, and it’s understandable why people are excited to see them in other parts of the world, especially given how many other eagle species call Norway home. 

Unfortunately, though, bald eagles are not found in Norway or anywhere else in Europe for that matter. In this blog post, we’ll tell you a bit about where bald eagles are found and why they’re not present in Norway – as well as which other eagles you can expect to see on your Norwegian vacation.

bald eagle not living in Norway

Do bald eagles live in Norway?

Bald eagles do not live in Norway. These majestic birds are found in North America, specifically in the United States, Canada and northern Mexico. However, while the bald eagle isn’t found in Norway, there are several other species of eagles that do live there.

You wouldn’t be blamed for assuming that bald eagles may live in Norway given how they live. That is, bald eagles prefer habitats near large bodies of water where they can find their primary food source, fish (which, as one of the more accurate Norwegian stereotypes will show you, is also one of the primary food sources of Norwegians themselves!) They are also known to eat small mammals, reptiles, and birds. 

Norway has plenty of all of these, which is likely why other species of eagles have thrived there. But while Norway does have a few eagle species, which I’ll get to shortly, the bald eagle is not one of them. 

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Are there eagles in Scandinavia?

There are several different types of eagles found in Scandinavia. The most common is the golden eagle, which can be found in Norway, Sweden, and Finland. Other eagle species found in the region include the white-tailed eagle, the Pallas’s fish eagle, and the imperial eagle. 

The golden eagle is actually the most widely distributed species of eagle throughout the world, with it also being able to be found in the bald eagle’s habitat throughout North America.

golden eagle living in Norway
Golden eagle

In fact, the golden eagle is the national bird of Mexico, which is extra-interesting in the context of the original question in this piece when you consider that the bald eagle, which is meant to be found in northern Mexico, hasn’t been seen there in 19 years and is considered to be in danger of extinction.

Amongst the species of eagles in Scandinavia, the white-tailed eagle is the largest with the golden eagle being the second largest eagle in Scandinavia. 

So, while you won’t find bald eagles in Norway or anywhere else in Scandinavia, there are still plenty of other eagle species to see in the region.

What eagles live in Norway?

There are several different types of eagles found in Norway. The most common is the golden eagle, which can be found throughout the country. Other eagle species found in Norway include the white-tailed eagle, Pallas’s fish eagle, and greater spotted eagle.

While they may be some of the more common eagles you’ll find living in Norway, there are others. In fact, the full list of eagles that live in Norway is as follows:

  • Golden eagle (kongeørn), Aquila chrysaetos
  • Greater spotted eagle (storskrikørn), Clanga clanga 
  • Imperial eagle (keiserørn), Aquila heliaca
  • Lesser spotted eagle, Clanga pomarina
  • Pallas’s fish eagle (båndhavørn), Haliaeetus leucoryphus
  • Short-toed snake-eagle (slangeørn), Circaetus gallicus
  • Steppe eagle (steppeørn), Aquila nipalensis
  • White-tailed eagle (havørn), Haliaeetus albicilla

In terms of whether any of the eagles in Norway are endangered,  the golden eagle is currently listed as being of “least concern” by the IUCN. The white-tailed eagle is also of “least concern” but was previously classified as being “near threatened.”

white-tailed eagle living in Norway
White-tailed eagle

Others are more at risk though, with the greater spotted eagle and imperial eagle being “vulnerable” and the steppe eagle and Pallas’s fish eagle being “endangered”.

Some of the best places in Norway to see eagles are along the coast, in the mountains, and in the forests. Eagles can also be seen in many of Norway’s national parks, such as Rondane National Park, Dovrefjell National Park or Jomfruland National Park (which is located on one of the most beautiful Norwegian islands in the country).

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Are there golden eagles in Norway?

Yes, there are golden eagles in Norway. These magnificent birds can be found throughout the country, although they are more common in some areas than others. The best places to see golden eagles in Norway are along the coast, in the mountains, and in the forests. 

While the golden eagle is currently listed as being of “least concern” by the IUCN, this species was previously classified as being “near threatened.” So, while their numbers are currently good, they are still a species that we need to keep an eye on. 

Norway is a great place to see golden eagles, as well as many other types of eagle. So, if you’re hoping to spot one of these majestic birds on your next trip, be sure to keep an eye out in the country’s national parks and other wild areas.

How big is the golden eagle in Norway?

The golden eagle is the fifth largest eagle species in the world, with a wingspan of up to 2.34 meters (7 feet 8 inches). The bird itself is between 66 cm (26 inches) and 102 cm (40 inches) long, with female golden eagles tending to be larger than males.

It is the second heaviest eagle in Europe (and North America and Africa), with only the white-tailed eagle beating it in both weight and size. Fortunately, the white-tailed eagle is also found in Norway, so there’s every chance you’ll be able to see both of them on your next Nordic bird-watching trip.

Are there any bald eagles in Europe?

No, there are no bald eagles in Europe. These birds are found exclusively in North America, specifically the United States and Canada. However, there are several different types of eagle found in Europe, including the golden eagle, white-tailed eagle, and booted eagle. 

The places in Europe where you’re most likely to see eagles include Norway, Spain, and Poland. As mentioned, Norway is home to the largest and second largest eagles in Europe, the white-tailed eagle and the golden eagle. 

However, conservation efforts have actually seen Norwegian white-tailed eagles introduced into Spain in an effort to build the species’ populations there, which may be perfect for you if you’d prefer a warmer bird-watching holiday. Poland, meanwhile, is one of the best places in Europe to see booted eagles, which could cap off your European bird-watching vacation nicely!

All this means that while you may be disappointed if you were hoping to find bald eagles living in Norway or even Europe more broadly, there are still plenty of other eagle species to see in the continent on your next trip!