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Parenting comes with a lot of pressure, even before the baby comes. Deciding whether to co-sleep or not, picking out nursery decor, and choosing the perfect name are all obstacles that new parents face. Even if your current pregnancy isn’t your first, the decisions loom.

While parenting aspects like decorating the nursery and sleeping alongside the baby don’t come with a definitive guide, it’s usually something you’ll figure out along the way. Luckily, information surrounding names is a bit more accessible, and if you’re on the hunt for popular Finnish girl names, you’re in the right spot!

Let’s be clear, you don’t have to be native to Finland, or even anywhere in the region, to appreciate how unique and beautiful Finnish names for girls can be. So, no matter where you are in the world, you’re sure to find something on this list that you love!

baby with one of the most popular Finnish girl names

Most popular Finnish Girl Names

The names on this list are the most popular names for girls in Finland from last year according to the Digital and Population Data Services Agency of Finland – but that doesn’t necessarily mean the roots don’t come from all around the world. After all, names are a melting pot of origins and meanings, and these are the aspects that make choosing a baby name so much fun!

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1. Maria

Maria is the most popular Finnish name for girls from last year and also remains undeniably popular around the world. A name of pure Latin origin, the name “Maria” has been splashed across Hollywood for decades, with many parents choosing it because of its simplicity and sweetness. One of the most famous musicals to feature the name “Maria” is undoubtedly “West Side Story”, and after being remade into a feature film, Maria is sure to pick up traction around the world.

There are a few ways that the name “Maria” can be translated. These include “of the sea”, “bitter”, “beloved”, and “rebellious”. Maria makes a fantastic middle name as well!

2. Sofia

Next on the list of popular Finnish girl names is “Sofia”. The popularity of Sofia doesn’t stop in Finland, as the name has topped baby name lists around the world for decades. Don’t let its popularity stop you from using it.

“Sofia” is a timeless Greek name that means “wisdom” and no matter how often it’s used, it never goes out of style. Sofia is sophisticated while remaining playful, and it’s the perfect name for any little girl.

3. Aurora

Aurora is one of the more popular girl names in Finland, and the vibe around it has remained mystical and romantic for many years. While the name itself has been around for quite some time, with Latin roots, most people can’t help but think of Disney’s “Sleeping Beauty” or the Northern Lights that adorn the sky (including in Finland!), when they hear the name “Aurora”.

No matter what you think of when faced with the name “Aurora”, it actually means “dawn”. The meaning alone is perfect for a new baby, as it represents a new day and new beginnings. Overall, Aurora is a strong name that manages to stay original and common all at once.

4. Olivia

While Olivia is one of the more popular Finnish female names, it’s gained worldwide popularity in recent decades as well. From Latin origins, Oliva is the female version of the masculine name “Oliver” and it means “olive tree” or, in some cases, “peace”.

The world first heard the name “Olivia” in the play “Twelfth Night” by William Shakespeare, which is an incredibly cool talking point for anyone with the name. In a world where add-on suffixes have become the norm, Olivia remains simple and refreshing.

Did you know: Olivia was “only” the 12th most popular Swedish name for girls last year. Take a look at our article to see which names made the top 10!

5. Emilia

A feminine name derived from Aemilia and has the same root as the Latin word “aemulus”. Due to the similarities, it’s suggested that Emilia means “to rival”, “to excel”, or “to emulate”, but because the name is so far derived, this could be all speculation.

Regardless of what the name means, Emilia is such a sweet and pretty name and brings together two worldwide favorites: Amelia and Emily. Emilia has incredibly vintage roots, but brings a more modern sound and twist to the traditional Amelia.

6. Aino

As far as old Finnish girl names go, Aino has been around for a while. This original and fun female-given name is popular in Finland, Estonia, and Japan as well. Aino means “the only one”, which is a pretty fantastic name-meaning to carry around throughout your life.

Aino typically falls somewhere on the top ten female baby names list from Finland each year, though you’re unlikely to see it in many other parts of the world. So, if you live miles away from Finland, and you’re looking for a unique baby name with Finnish roots, look no further.

baby with one of the more old Finnish girl names

7. Matilda

Matilda, also spelled “Mathilde” and “Mathilda” in the various Scandinavian countries, is of German origin and means “battle-mighty”. This vintage name has made a comeback in recent decades, possibly inspired by the Roald Dahl character “Matilda”, a magical little girl who can move things with her mind.

While the book itself isn’t new by any means, new generations are rediscovering the novel, and along with it, a love for the name Matilda. And while the full name may be one of the most popular female names in Finland, there are plenty of cute nicknames that come along with the name “Matilda”, including “Mattie”, “Tilly”, “Tillie”, and “Tilda”.

FYI: It turns out that Matilda was far more popular in Finland last year compared to other Scandinavian countries, with it coming in at number 29 on the list of Danish names for girls from last year! And that’s despite Denmark having a very famous queen with that name…

8. Amanda

Oh, the popularity that Amanda saw in the late 80s and early 90s! The name was everywhere on a global scale, and while it dropped off significantly as the 90s went on, it’s making a comeback along with many other things from that decade, disputed by some to have been the best decade to ever exist.

Amanda means “loveable” or “worthy of love”, which makes it the perfect name for an adorable baby, and its roots are Latin. You’ll often hear “Mandy” and “Manda” as nicknames, and Amanda is easy to pair with any last or middle name as well.

9. Linnea

Linnea is one of the rare Finnish girl names that you don’t hear anywhere in the world other than the Scandinavian sub-region. However, this only makes the name, which is already beautiful, stunning, sweet, and original. Linnea means “lime tree”, and its original roots (no pun intended) stem (again, no pun intended) back to the Swedish botanist Carl Linnaeus.

Linnea is a lovely name and will work well as a namesake variation for family names such as “Linda” or “Lynn”. If you’re looking for originality and beauty combined, this is your best bet.

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10. Helmi

One of the more unexpected yet traditional Finnish girl names, Helmi means “pearl” and reigns supreme in mainly Finland and Estonia. However, Helmi is too cute to not share it with the rest of the world. The name is short, sweet, and flows well with last and middle names.

In Finland, you might see Helmi used as a shortened version of the name “Vilhelmina”. Some people might tell you that Helmi means “gem of the sea”, which is technically a pearl, but I’ll let you decide which meaning you like more for this adorable name.

11. Ilona

Typically topping the list of traditional Finnish female names is Ilona, which means “as a joy”. This super cute name is primarily Hungarian and derives from the traditional name given to the Queen of the Fairies in Magyar folklore stories, passed down from generation to generation.

You might see derivatives of Ilona, and those include “Helena”, “Illona”, and “Elena”. Ilona manages to remain original while familiar to many people, and it makes a good name for any little one.

12. Ellen

Ellen stems from Greek origins, and is considered the English version of the Greek “Helene”, which means “torch”, “light” or “selene” which means “moon”. While you don’t hear Ellen too often in the United States these days, it remains popular as a Scandinavian name for girls, consistently making top 100 lists year after year.

Ellen is a diminutive of “Elizabeth”, “Eleanor” and “Elena”. While the name doesn’t exactly have meaning without its original form, it’s a cute and spunky name.

baby with one of the more rare Finnish girl names

13. Lilja

One of the most beautiful Finnish girl names, Lilja, is definitely a show-stopper. Lilja is a Swedish and Finnish surname, and it means “Lily”. Don’t get me wrong, Lily is beautiful all on its own, but when it becomes “Lilja”, it has an amazing twist on a classic name.

Lilja goes with many middle and last names, and the pronunciation of “Lil-EE-yah” is so soft and sweet. It’s a fantastic name overall, and while common in Finland, it’s still certain to stand out in a crowd.

14. Alina

The name “Alina” has Slavic origins, and though it’s considered to be one of the most beautiful Finnish names for girls, it’s also incredibly popular in Russia and gaining traction in other parts of the world. Alina is sweet and straightforward but manages to be anything but plain all at once.

Alina means “light”, or “bright and beautiful”, and I can’t think of a better name and meaning combination to give to a little girl that will be the light of your life. If you want a name that’s classic without being too popular, Alina is a great choice.

15. Helena

There is something soft and romantic about the name Helena, and that fact has not been lost on Finnish parents. Helena remains popular in many parts of the world, Finland in particular (although it also made the top 20 most popular Icelandic names for girls last year). Helena means “shining light”, and it’s a gorgeous name for those that want to add a little flair to “Helen”.

Helena flows nicely and it’s refreshingly simple in a world of complicated names. While it doesn’t quite fall into the category of unique Finnish female names, given it’s fairly consistently used in other parts of the world, it’s beautiful spin on some of its shorter name cousins, like Ellen.

16. Aada

The name Aada, in German and Finnish origin, means “noble” or “noble one”. Aada is one of those unique Finnish names that you don’t hear too often, but every time you do, it reminds you of what an incredible name Aada actually is. Aada manages to be adult and childish all at once, which makes it a perfect choice for any human child.

Aada also works wonderfully as a middle name, so if you love it, but you don’t want to commit to it as a first name, a middle name is a good bet! No matter where you decide to use it, Aada is a solid yet adorable name.

17. Isla

Somewhat recently made popular around the world by comedy actress Isla Fisher, Isla is a cute yet exotic name that has possible origins everywhere, including Spain and Scotland. In Spanish, Isla means “island”, while in Scotland, Isla is the name of two rivers. Either way, it’s geographical.

Isla is a wonderful name for any family but might hold a special place in the hearts of parents that love to travel. The name is sweet and feminine but strong and steady all at once.

18. Aava

One of the more unusual Finnish girl names, Aava means “wide” and “open” in Finnish. While Aava isn’t an exclusively Finnish name, you’re unlikely to hear it in other parts of the world unless the family has roots in Finland. Because of this, Aava is one of the rare Finnish girl names that really stand out.

Aava is so cute when used as a first and middle name, and it has plenty of cultural representation. Instead of “Ava”, Aava brings an “ah” sound that is so pretty and stands the test of time from childhood to adulthood.

baby with one of the more traditional Finnish female names

19. Eveliina

From Hebrew origins, Eveliina is a beautiful name that combines the ever-popular Alina and Eva and means “life”. In Latin, Eveliina means “bird” and in France, it means “little bird” or “hazelnut”. No matter what meaning you like the best, Eveliina is an absolutely gorgeous name.

20. Kerttu

Kerttu is definitely a unique name, and it’s probably one that you won’t hear in many parts of the world. It’s original, fun, and will always spark a conversation. While it sounds completely different, Kerttu is actually the Finnish version of the name “Gertrude”, and a Finnish kerttu is a “typical warbler”.

However, in Teutonic baby names, the meaning of kerttu is “warrior”. One of the best parts of choosing baby names is finding out what they mean and then choosing your favorite meaning. There is no right or definitive answer with most names, so while other parents might use that name, you can make it all your own.

21. Eevi

You’re probably familiar with the name “Evie”, typically short for “Evelyn” or “Everly”. Instead of the pronunciation “EE-vee”, Eevi is said with an “Eh-vee” and the pronunciation gives it a whole other vibe. Popular in Finland, Eevi is of Hebrew descent, and the name means “living and breathing”.

Eevi is a great twist on the name Evie, if you want something that’s a little bit different It’s a super cute name with a lively meaning.

22. Aleksandra

Aleksandra is a name with Russian origins that means “defender of man”. You’ve likely heard the name Aleksander at some point, but Aleksandra is the feminine version. When spelled “Alexsandra”, the name is of Greek origin, but still means “defending men”. Aleksandra is one of those long but sophisticated names that your baby will love as she grows.

One of the best aspects of Alexsandra is the nicknames that come along with it. “Allie”, “Alex”, “Ally”, “Sandra” and “Sandy” are all super-cute and give you plenty of room to choose what you’d like to call your little Aleksandra for short.

23. Anna

A fantastic alternative to “Anne”, Anna is short but sweet, and is popular all around the world, though it continually lands on the top 50 lists in Finland. 

Anna is a solid middle name as well, and its counterpart “Anne” often makes the rounds as a middle name. Anna saw a spike in popularity when Disney’s “Frozen” was released in theaters in 2013, and then again in 2019 with “Frozen 2”. With a steady meaning and a classical sound, Anna will never go out of style.

What does Anna mean in Finnish?

Anna means “grace” or “favor” and comes from the Hebrew origins of “Hannah” or “Channah”. As a traditionally feminine name both in Finland and in many other countries around the world, this makes a great choice for your little one.

In fact, it’s so popular in Scandinavia that a variation of it, Anneli, is also an extremely popular Finnish name for girls, landing at number 44 on the list of girl names from last year. You can also find it used in other Scandinavian countries, although it is most popular in Finland.

24. Elli

Elli is a variant spelling of the name “Ellie” which continues to remain popular among parents in countries around the world. A form of Ellen and Eleanor, Ellie comes from the Hebrew element “el” which means “God” or “light” and so some say Ellie means “God is my light”.

Regardless of the meaning, Elli is a cute, modern name that has a classic sound, which are two things that more parents are looking for in a name these days. You could even combine the past two names if you’re feeling crazy, as the result is “Ellianna”. Love it? Use it!

baby with one of the more beautiful Finnish girl names

25. Alexandra

It seems that variations of this name given that Aleksandra was 22 on the list of most popular Finnish names for girls – and then here comes Alexandra at number 25! In English-speaking countries, among others, this is the more well known spelling, so you may prefer this if you’re not looking to deviate too far from what people know.

But whether you choose the “ks” or the “x” version of the name, it’s a beautiful choice that can be made as long or as short as you like, given the variety of nicknames here.

26. Ella

Similar to Ellie, Ella is often used as a suffix for many names, such as “Aubriella” or “Audriella”, but it works so well all on its own. In Spanish, Ella means “she” or “her” and it’s an English name with Germanic origins. Ella might also mean “feminine”. If you love Elli, but you’re not sold on the ending, Ella is similar while adding a whole new sound.

Did you know: Ella is actually the fifth most popular Norwegian girl name from last year, so it seems there was quite a shift in popularity for this name between Norway and Finland!

27. Viola

The name Viola has Latin roots and is derived from the word “violet”, like the flower. Some also give it a more musical meaning, coming from the violin, which could make it a beautiful Finnish girl name for you if you’d like your little girl to have some music in her life.

28. Kristina

Kristina means “follower of Christ” and remains very popular both in Scandinavia and around the world. You may be more used to seeing it spelled “Christina” so the “K” variation could be a great nod to some northern roots – or even Slavic or Russian ones, given the spelling Kristina is more well known there too.

29. Pihla

Pihla is certainly one of the more unusual Finnish girl names, at least for non-Finns, and means “rowan tree”. If you don’t know what a rowan tree is, it’s native to cooler regions in the northern hemisphere and there are several types with berries or fruits depending on the specific variety.

Importantly for your little girl, it’s also known for growing big and strong – just as she will do!

30. Elsa

The name Elsa means “God is my oath” and has exploded in popularity around the world in recent years, especially after the release of the movie Frozen. While it’s the Scandinavian and German variant of Elizabeth, it’s certainly a familiar, beautiful name outside of those regions, especially these days.

Unique Finnish Girl Names

If there’s one thing that can be said about Finnish girl names, it’s that they have a tendency to be unique. Many parents love giving their children a name that isn’t too common, so I’ve compiled a shortlist of the most unique Finnish names I could find. 

This way, you can go to one place for all your unique-name needs. It’s not to say that you’ve never heard these names before because you probably have, but this list is focused on original sounds, spelling, and many of them stem from Finnish heritage.

  • Lilja
  • Enni
  • Lumi
  • Elina
  • Inkeri
  • Kerttu
  • Phila
  • Kaarina
  • Linnea
  • Helmi
  • Aino
  • Minea
  • Elisabet
  • Venla
  • Orvokki