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Norse, also known as the Norwegian language in its medieval form, is full to the brim with beautiful, original, and meaningful names that many parents love. There are plenty of Old Norse names for girls that will suit your new baby – you just have to know where to look!

Finding a baby name is difficult, but when the meaning is important to you, that can make it that much more difficult. If you’d like to remain true to your Scandinavian roots by finding some great Viking baby names for girls or Old Norse female names and their meanings simply intrigue you, you’ll be happy to know that we’ve got you covered here. 

You may have even had an Old Norse name picked out without knowing it – let’s take a look!

baby with one of the more popular Norse female names

Old Norse Female Names

These Norse names for girls make for phenomenal baby names in modern times. Even if you didn’t have an Old Norse or Scandinavian name in mind, you’re likely to find one you love on this list!

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1. Astrid

In Old Norse, Astrid means “goddess” (from the word “áss”) and “beautiful” (from the word “fríðr”). It’s a perfect name to bring to modern times, and its meaning holds true, pertaining perfectly to any newborn baby. 

Astrid is a strong name, almost cosmic-sounding, and is sure to stand out all throughout the school-aged years unless, of course, you live in Scandinavia. In that case, you might know more than one Astrid! 

Is Astrid a Viking name?

Astrid is a name that stems from Old Norse times but isn’t strictly considered a Viking name. It’s certain that there were Viking women with that name, but for the most part, it’s more Old Norse than anything else. Regardless of origin, it’s a beautiful name.

FYI: The name Astrid also remains very popular throughout Scandinavia. For instance, it made the top ten of the most popular Swedish female names based on babies born last year!

Who is the Goddess Astrid?

There isn’t a specific Goddess named Astrid in Old Norse mythology, but there are plenty of notable Old Norse women who married into royal and Viking families with the name Astrid. There are other notable Norse Goddesses, but none with the specific name of Astrid.

Confusion can arise due to the name coming from the Old Norse word “Ástríðr”, with “áss” meaning god. In fact, in Iceland, the name is still used as “Ástríður” rather than “Astrid”.

2. Bodil

Bodil is a fun, original, beautiful Old Norse female name that means “penance” and “fight”. Bodil is an amazingly fun name to have, and it has a beautiful Nordic meaning. 

This also means that Bodil is a fantastic name for anyone that wants to use a name that is ultimately Old Norse, yet modern and different. While predominantly female, this name can also be used for men.

3. Frida

One of the most popular Scandinavian girl names today, Frida has plenty of roots in Old Norse culture. However, it was made popular again in more recent times by Mexican artist Frida Kahlo. At its core, Frida means “peace”, which combines a super cute name with a beautiful meaning.

Frida is of German origin but easily made its way around the world rather quickly. The name definitely sounds very old-world, but it’s adorable to see it on a modern little girl.

4. Freya

Derived from the name “Freyja”, Freya is just about as Old Norse as you can get. Also, the sound is just beautiful. Freya means more than one thing, including “a noblewoman” and “beautiful”. Freya is also the name of the Norse goddess of fertility, beauty, and love.

If you’re looking for a unique Old Norse female name that defines beauty as a whole, then Freya is a great choice. The Old Norse roots are undeniable – although you may want to spell it like “Freja” to give a really solid nod to its Norse foundations.

What does the name Freya mean for a girl?

Freya, also spelled “Freyja” or “Freja”, is the female version of the male “Freyr”. Freya stems from Old Norse mythology, and the goddess Frejya, who is the goddess of love, fertility, and beauty. Freya is a wonderful name for any little person, and while popular in Scandinavia, has yet to catch on worldwide.

In fact, “Freyja” was actually the second most popular Icelandic name for girls last year, so definitely still remains in circulation, just in case you’d like to bring it into your own family.

5. Gertrud

Gertrud means “spear” and “strength”, and is one of the Old Norse female warrior names. A derivative of the name “Gertrude”, this name comes from Germanic roots and has adorable nicknames such as “Gertie”, “Gert” and “Trudy”.

When Norse names for girls are on your list of must-haves, Gertrud is a stellar option and stands the test of time. Like so many other Scandinavian names, Gertrud is completely old school but bodes well in modern times.

baby with one of the more popular Norse girl names

6. Gro

Possibly one of my favorite Old Norse names, Gro simply means “to grow” or “gardener” and it’s an overall phenomenal and really different name. Even in the Scandinavian sub-region, Gro isn’t too common, but its roots in medieval Nordic times remain strong.

Gro is a cute little name that suits almost any middle and last name, and it looks just plain adorable on any little girl. Not to mention, it has a great meaning that can be considered encouraging throughout life.

7. Estrid

Quite similar to Astrid, Estrid is a common Old Norse name that means “god” and “beautiful”. The meanings are similar, with Estrid becoming a little more involved with the “fair and beautiful goddess”. 

Like Astrid, Estrid was not a Norse goddess, but the name represents sheer beauty. If you love Astrid but you want to switch it up a bit, Estrid is a good option.

8. Gudrun

Gudrun is definitely different, so if originality is your goal, you can easily accomplish it with this unique Old Norse name. Gudrun means “god” and “rune” and “secret lore”, and overall, the name and meaning are just incredibly cool. While this name is somewhat common in Iceland, you won’t see it in other parts of the world.

Nordic female names and meanings like this one are beautifully unique. You can’t go wrong with this baby-naming route.

9. Sigrid

Sigrid is the Old Norse “Sigrior”, coming from the elements “sigr” and “frior”, which together mean “victory beautiful”. Sigrid is one of the best Norse female warrior names that holds the belief that victory is beautiful. Whether you believe that or not, Sigrid is a really cool name – and the fact that it’s believed to have been a Viking name for a girl definitely helps!.

Is Sigrid a Viking name?

Sigrid is considered to be an Old Norse Viking name that stems back to medieval times. Sigrid is primarily a female Viking name, but there are instances of it being used as a male name as well. Sigrid is of Scandinavian descent and makes a very culturally accurate name.

While the roots of this name are in Old Norse, it remains a popular name to this day. You can see that by the fact that it was one of the most popular Norwegian girl names last year!

10. Hilda

Hilda means “the fighter”, and is actually a Viking name for girls given that it can be traced back to Medieval Viking times. With a meaning like that, Hilda is a very straightforward, common yet meaningful Old Norse name. 

If you’re looking for a name with a tough meaning, Hilda just might be the one for you! Plus, Hilda comes with some cute nicknames, such as “Hilly” and “Hildy”.

If you’re looking for a name with a similar sound to Hilda that’s still uniquely Scandinavian, what about Helmi? It was actually in the top 10 most popular Finnish girl names last year and has similarities to Hilda with a softer ending that some may prefer.

11. Tora

Tora is also known as the God of Thor, and overall, it’s a completely awesome name to have. Tora is similar in fashion to Tori, which is also short for Victoria. Tora is another Old Norse female name that’s also modern enough to be super cute for a little one.

If you’d like to give your new baby a short yet powerful name, Tora is a great option. While Tori is a different version of Tora, it can also be a nickname, along with “Tor”.

12. Revna

Revna is a wholly original name that comes from Old Norse and means “Raven”. Ravens are incredibly intelligent birds that can recall human faces and so much more. They’re strong and necessary to the ecosystem, and while many consider them bad luck, this could not be further from the truth.

Many cultures feel that ravens are actually good luck, and symbolize healing, wisdom, longevity, and even fertility. Revna is an awesome name for a new baby, and the meaning can go in so many different directions.

baby with one of the more popular Norse names for girls

13. Tove

Another bird name! If you love bird names but Revna is a little too heavy for you, consider Tove! Tove, very simply put, means “dove”, and it’s a stunning Old Norse name that works perfectly for any new baby. There’s no doubt that Tove is sweet and modern, and unheard of in most parts of the world.

Not in Scandinavia though, where it’s very much still in rotation. For instance, you may remember this hugely popular song from 2014 – which was actually by Swedish singer, Tove Lo.

14. Saga

Saga is a beautiful name meaning “fairytale” that has roots in Old Norse mythology. For any little girl who may want to weave her own stories one day, Saga would be a great choice that is easily pronounceable in many languages.

It also remains very popular in certain Scandinavian countries, with it making the list of the most popular Danish names for girls last year!

What are some badass Viking names for females?

So often, when we think of Vikings, we think of fighting and power. While this imagery is more perpetuated by the media than anything else, there are many female Viking names that are associated with power, beauty, and even war.

  1. Freya – Freya was the goddess of beauty, fertility, and luck.
  2. Skadi – Skadi was known as the goddess of hunting and skiing.
  3. Lagertha – Lagertha was a shieldmaiden heavily associated with victory and success in battle.
  4. Brynhild – Brynhild has a very cool (albeit long) story. To keep it short she was a Valkyrie who became mortal and avenged herself.
  5. Hervor – Hervor was the keeper of the powerful and magical sword, Tyrfing.
  6. Gudrid – Gudrid was the name of a famous Viking explorer in North America.
  7. Sigrid the Proud – Sigrid wielded great power, ruled all on her own, and killed each of her suitors.
  8. Unn (The Deep Minded) – Unn, who was also known as The Deep Minded, ruled her own fleet and settled Iceland.
  9. Olga of Kiev – Olga was a regent of Kievan Rus and was known for avenging her husband’s death.
  10. Freydis – Freydis was the name of an explorer and defender of her party.

Old Norse female Valkyrie names

In Old Norse mythology, the Valkyrie was known as the chooser of the slain, meaning they chose those who would live on the battlefield and those that would not. As the myth goes, any group of maidens that served the god Odin would be sent by him to battlefields to choose the slain that were worthy of a space in Valhalla.

The pool of these names is the perfect place to select Viking baby names for girls. Not only does it pay homage to Norse mythology, but a lot of the names are totally cool and completely original.

  • Svava
  • Kara
  • Mist
  • Hrist
  • Skeggjold
  • Brynhildr
  • Sigrun
  • Sigrdrifa
  • Gfen
  • Vanadis

Norse female names meaning wolf

There are two traditional Norse names that mean wolf. First, you have “Ulfr”, which is an Old Norse name meaning “grey wolf”, but has been debated over the years on whether or not it’s considered taboo. The name Vargr, of Norwegian descent, came to light as a non-taboo name for Ulf. 

So, while there are two Norse names meaning wolf, only one may be considered acceptable by some people.

It’s not to say that Ulfr is a bad word per se, but it has more to do with the “lone wolf” meaning that surrounds it. All this means that if you’re looking for a wolf-like Norse name, do some extensive research and take your pick!