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There are few things more difficult than choosing the perfect name for your baby. While some parents go with something unique or obscure, others like to stick to popular, mainstream names. Neither decision is the wrong one, and it’s crucial for you to do what works for your family.

When you choose the right name for your baby, you’ll just know when it feels right. And if you’re drawn to how the Nordic countries like to name their children, including in terms of the most popular Danish names for girls this year, you’re in the right spot. 

(In fact, the data doesn’t lie, as this list is actually taken from the current official list from Danmarks Statistik of the most popular Danish girl names released earlier this year!)

So somewhere in this list of beautiful Danish girl names, there’s certain to be at least one that you’ll love!

baby with a popular Danish girl name

Parents around the world have shown an interest in knowing popular Danish names for girls. Traditionally, Danish names are trendy while remaining minimalist, which explains their high demand.

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1. Alma

Alma is a beautiful name, and most likely derived from the Latin “Almus”, which means “kind”. It’s also the most popular girl name in Denmark for last year!

A super sweet and one of the most beautiful Danish names for girls, Alma also defines nourishing and learned. It’s the perfect name for a new baby!

2. Ida

Commonly found throughout Europe and North America, Ida is considered a classically strong, feminine, Danish name. Ida derives from the Germanic root “id”, meaning prosperous or industrious. Ida can also mean hardworking, though it’s not harsh to say or pronounce.

3. Freja

Of Scandinavian origin, Freja is one of the most popular names in Danish culture. It’s a sweet and gentle name, and its original meaning is “noblewoman” or “lady”. 

It’s also one of the most traditional Danish female names, going all the way back to Norse mythology where the name Freja signified a beautiful goddess. If name meaning is important to you, Freja is a fantastic choice.

Interestingly, Freya was ‘only’ the 13th most popular baby name in Sweden last year, despite both countries having a similar history when it comes to Norse mythology.

You can see the full list of the most popular Swedish names for girls from last year here!

4. Clara

Clara, also occasionally spelled as Klara, is the feminine form of the Latin name Clarus. Incredibly popular in the Middle Ages, the most common form of the name Clara was Clare. In the mid-nineteenth century, Clare turned into Clara, and the name means bright, clear, or famous.

5. Ella

Ella is of German descent, and in the modern world, stands alone as a name or is commonly used as a suffix. Ella is an incredibly appealing name as it sounds modern and completely vintage all at once. Ella has a few meanings, including “she”, “her”, “feminine”, and “girl”.

6. Emma

Most of us likely remember the sheer volume at which the name Emma shot to popularity in the early 2000s. While Emma is considered an English name, the roots go way down into Germanic origins. One of the most popular girl names in Denmark, Emma means “whole” or “universal”. Emma is truly a beautiful name with a beautiful meaning.

Did you know… Emma was actually the second most popular Norwegian girl name from last year. Take a look at our article to see which name was number one!

7. Olivia

One of the more traditional Danish girl names, Olivia went from obsolete to picking up speed in the popularity contest in recent years. Olivia means “olive tree”, and is the feminine version of Oliver. The first documented use of Olivia was in William Shakespeare’s Twelfth Night.

baby with one of the traditional Danish female names

8. Agnes

There are few Danish names that have seen more culture than Agnes when it comes to origin and use. From Greek to Italian, to French, to Portuguese, Agnes has seen many variations. Over the years, Agnes has been associated with meaning “pure”, “holy”, “chaste”, and has been likened to “Agnus”, the Latin meaning for “lamb”.

9. Sofia

Sofia, also commonly spelled as Sophia, has roots around the world. It’s more common to see the “f” spelling as opposed to the “ph” in Spanish and Portuguese-speaking countries, as well as Germany, Scandinavia, and Italy. Sofia, regardless of the spelling, means “wisdom”, and though it’s incredibly popular, it’s one of the most beautiful Danish names for girls.

10. Nora

Nora is a gorgeous name, and while it’s gained plenty of Danish traction, it’s well-known and well-used in countries around the world. While the spelling or Nora could change depending on location, the meaning remains the same regardless of where it’s used. Traditionally, Nora means “light”, and it’s a wonderful name for your baby girl.

11. Anna

Nothing brought Anna into the limelight quite like the Disney classic, Frozen. Popular across Scandinavia, Anna comes from the Hebrew word “Chanah”, meaning “grace”. Anna can also mean “gracious” or “one who gives” and is a standout, yet simple and sweet, name.

12. Karla

Karla, though one of the most popular girl names in Denmark, has not been used traditionally in North America for quite a while. This is a shame, because the name is beautiful and unique, and comes from Greek origin meaning “womanly” or “strength”. In varying regions, Karla may also be spelled with a C, or as “Carla”.

13. Luna

Most of you likely know the meaning of “Luna”, which means “moon” in Latin, as well as many languages with Latin roots. It’s one of the beautiful Danish girl names that hold a sweet and magical meaning, with origins in Roman Mythology, and has recently caught the attention of a few well-known celebrity babies.

14. Asta

Asta is a truly unique Danish female name, and like many names, comes from Greek origin. Asta may be considered the short form of Agustus or Astrid, and means “divine strength”. As far as baby names go, you really can’t get a much better meaning than that! 

baby with one of the beautiful Danish names for girls

15. Ellie

Super sweet and similar to Ella, Ellie is of Greek origin and is traditionally short of “Eleanor” or “Ellen”. Today, Ellie is typically used all on its own, and means “shining light”. While Ellie is popular, it still holds a sense of originality and manages to sound elegant and modern all at once.

16. Laura

Laura is a feminine form of the Latin word “Laurus” which means “bay laurel plant”. While the name’s meaning may not sound like much, you may want to consider that in the Greco-Roman era, the bay laurel plant was a symbol of strength and victory. Laura truly stands the test of time, remaining on-point, never dated, and never too trendy.

17. Lily

Many believe that since Lily comes from the Latin flower “Lilium”, its meaning ends there. However, this could not be further from the truth! The beautiful and classic Lily also signifies purity and innocence, and also means “devotion”, “fertility”, “transformation”, and “rebirth”. In short, Lily is so much more than a beautiful flower.

18. Alberte

Alberte is absolutely one of the more unique Danish names for girls, and many parents love it because of the meaning behind it. Described as noble, intelligent, wise, and graceful. If you’re looking for an unusual but beautiful name, Alberte might be for you!

19. Esther

Esther is a classic name that comes from Hebrew roots, meaning “hide”, “conceal”, or “to be hidden”. Esther has been around for centuries, boasting baby-friendly nicknames such as “Estie”, “Este”, and “Essie”. If nicknames aren’t your thing, Esther is perfect in its original form.

20. Frida

Frida has German roots, derived from the Germanic “frid”, which means “peace”. Though Frida is a somewhat common Danish girl name, you might not find many children in your child’s class with the same moniker. If you love a name that is strong, sturdy and stands out, Frida is a fantastic choice.

21. Josephine

Josephine is the feminine of the name “Joseph”. Josephine is of Hebrew origin, and it means “he shall increase” or “Jehovah increases”. Of course, you don’t have to share any specific belief system to utilize the name Josephine, and it’s a beautiful baby girl name. 

baby with one of the unique Danish female names

22. Ellen

Ellen has English and Greek roots, with the English version of “Ellen” being the shortened version of the popular Greek name “Helen”. Ellen means “light” or “torch”, and may also mean “moon” coming from the Greek word “selene”. Whichever meaning you prefer, this name is simple and unpretentious, and while it’s not really a unique Danish girl name, this doesn’t take away from its beauty.

Did you know… Variations of this name continue to be popular throughout the rest of Scandinavia too. For example, in Iceland, a very similar name, Helena, made the top 20 of the most popular Icelandic girl names last year!

23. Aya

Popular in many countries, Aya could have more than one meeting, including “design”, “colorful”, “bright”, “wonderful”, “amazing”, “miracle”, or “verse”. From Japanese to Arabic roots, it’s clear that Aya has many beautiful meanings. It’s short and sweet and is certain to stand out in a crowd.

24. Astrid

One of the oldest Scandinavian female names, Astrid goes through popularity spurts, and means “divinely beautiful”. Astrid manages to be both classic and original all at once, standing the test of time. Astrid may also mean “fair” as it pertains to beauty.

25. Merle

Merle has German and French roots, and while it’s become a popular Danish girl name, it was once commonly used as a nickname for someone who was musical or could whistle well. It also means “blackbird”, which is a gorgeous meaning for parents that have an affinity to birds, or for those in which the blackbird holds some sort of special meaning.

26. Isabella

Isabella isn’t popular in Europe only but holds a special place in the hearts of many people around the world. The Spanish and Italian version of Elizabeth, Isabella translates to “God is my oath”, which is a meaning that many people hold close. 

Still used often today (including by the Danish royal family, with the eldest daughter of the Crown Prince and Princess of Denmark having this beautiful name), Isabella and Elizabeth have been used interchangeably since the 13th century.

27. Lærke

Taken from the Danish word for the bird, Lærke means lark and was the 4th most popular name for Danish girls in the year 2009. While its popularity has dropped a little bit (and you might consider it one of the more unusual Danish girl names if you aren’t used to seeing the æ character), it’s still a widely used name, remaining strong and dainty simultaneously.

28. Saga

With roots in Norse storytelling, which is magical all on its own, Saga means “storytelling” and it’s a wonderful name for a baby girl. It’s gentle and sweet all at once, while the meaning manages to bring a spark to any imagination, especially with the strong history that comes with this being an Old Norse female name. Children love to tell stories, and you can’t go wrong with Saga.

baby with one of the top 100 danish girl names

29. Mathilde

Mathilde, also read as Matilda or Matilde, is common in many cultures and has both English and German roots. Mathilde, which found a recent surge of popularity despite being considered an old Danish girl name (there’s even a former Queen Mathilde of Denmark from around the year 1220), means both “mighty in battle” and “strength”. The names’ meaning alone makes it a pillar of strength, and a great baby name for a girl.

FYI: While Mathilde may be a pretty popular Danish name for girls, it’s even more so in Finland. In fact, Matilda was number 7 on the list of the most popular girl names in Finland from last year. Take a look at our article to see the rest of the top 10!

30. Liva

Liva has quite a few meanings from a variety of cultures, including “life”, “protection”, and even “olive tree” from Greek origins. Liva is a beautiful name, and it’s very unique if that’s what you’re looking for. Everyone has different name preferences, whether they be traditional or common. Liva is a super name all around.

31. Mille

Mille is short for the name Camille and has undeniable Latin roots. The meaning of the name “Mille” is “helper to the priest”, and is most common (in this form) in Latin and Scandinavian cultures. For example, English roots will have “Mille” and “Millie”, and with that change of spelling comes a change of meaning as well.

32. Hannah

Hannah shot to popularity in quite recent times, and parents tend to love it due to its biblical meaning and the soft, feminine sound that comes with it. Hannah means “grace”, and while it has tapered off a bit in the last couple of years, it shows no signs of slowing down regarding Top 50 to Top 100 baby names lists.

33. Victoria

There is no denying that Victoria is a completely classic name. In Roman mythology, Victoria is the Goddess of Victory, and the masculine form in “Victor”. Victoria is a powerful, strong, and feminine name. The most common nicknames for Victoria include “Vicki”, “Vicky”, and “Vick”.

34. Maja

A form of the name “Maria”, Maja has Scandinavian roots that mean both “of the sea” and “bitter”. No matter how you spin it, Maja is a little bit salty! 

However, it’s also a gorgeous name, and there is no doubt that your friends and family will ask you what it means. This is where you choose the meaning you like best!

35. Marie

Once one of the most commonly used names in the world, Marie comes from the Latin “stella maris”, which means star of the sea. However, Marie also has a biblical meaning, as it’s a form of the name Mary (which is also the name of the Crown Princess of Denmark – although she was born an Aussie, not a Dane!). 

While many people bear the name as their middle name, Marie is a strong and beautiful first name as well.

baby with one of the popular Danish names for girls

36. Vilma

Vilma is of Native American Indian origin, and also has trace German roots too. A shortened version of “Vilhelmina”, Vilma means “determined protector”. Neither the name nor the meaning is soft, but that’s what makes it such a fantastic girl’s name.

37. Sofie

Sofie has just as many fans worldwide as “Sofia”, coming from French origin that means “wisdom”. You really cannot go wrong with using the name “Sofie”, as it’s simple, beautiful, and works with almost any last name. It’s a true classic, to say the least.

38. Emily

Derived from the Roman Aemilius, Emily has quite a few meanings, depending on the cultural development of the name. Emily could come from the Latin word “aemulus”, which means “rival”, or the Greek “aimylos” which means both “persuasive” and “wily”. 

Not only is Emily a cute name, but it has much more of a meaning to it than people think, primarily since it’s such a commonly heard name.

39. Andrea

Don’t mess with Andrea! The name means both “manly” (mainly because it’s the feminine version of the names “Andrew” and “Andre”) and “courageous” all at once! We all have feminine and masculine energies, so I recommend tossing out the “manly” meaning of the name Andrea and focusing on courageous, which is what your little one is certain to be.

40. Molly

Coming from the Greek names “Miriam” and “Maria” Molly, which is an adorable name, means “sea of bitterness”. Molly ranks high in most of Europe, Australia, and the United States. The name is sweet and simple, and if you’re having trouble choosing a name for your new addition, Molly is a great one to add to the list.

41. Gry

Gry holds strong in its Danish and Norwegian roots, and it’s a true homage to Danish culture to name your new baby girl “Gry”, which means “dawn”. 

There is nothing more promising than the rising sun, and the start of a new day. Gry is a fantastic and unique way to symbolize the beginning of a new era.

Unique Danish girl names

There are many reasons that parents choose to use unique choices when naming their children. These reasons might include embracing unconventional thinking, giving your child a name everyone will remember, family names, and symbolization of hopes and dreams for that child.

Names that are a bit out of the ordinary have actually become ordinary these days. At any childrens’ birthday party or in most classrooms, you’ll notice a child or two with an original name. 

Here is a list of the fifteen most unique Danish female names on this list.

  • Gry
  • Alva
  • Lærke
  • Mathilde
  • Saga
  • Maja
  • Liva
  • Mille
  • Alba
  • Asta
  • Luna
  • Freja
  • Agnes
  • Alberte
  • Aya

Final thoughts on these Danish names for females

With Scandinavia – and everything about Denmark specifically – being super fashionable these days, it would definitely be understandable if you’re looking for a beautiful Danish girl name to add to your life, whether it’s a new baby, a new pet or that character in the book you’re writing that you know one of these names would fit perfectly.

Whether you prefer one of the more traditional names on this list or one that’s more unique, especially to your non-Danish speaking circle, these are a combination of being both strong and pretty enough to suit any female in your life.

As you can see, there’s even some crossover with popular names in other cultures at the moment, with names like Emma, Olivia and Sofia having topped baby name lists for several