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One of the most exciting parts of having a baby is the naming process. You get to choose the direction you’d like to take, including originality, meaning, and cultural roots. Popular Scandinavian girl names are notoriously cute, and they’ve seen a rise in popularity in the last ten years or so.

Even if you’re not from the region, you’ve likely heard dozens of names that are popular in Scandinavia without even knowing it! With this comprehensive list, we’ll discuss some of the most popular Scandinavian names for girls that routinely top the charts, and hope that you find something you love.

baby with one of the more popular Scandinavian girl names

Beautiful Scandinavian Girl Names

Deciding on a baby name can be difficult but it doesn’t have to be unenjoyable. Most parents have some idea of the direction they’d like to take, while others are up for any suggestions. These Scandinavian names are certain to give you something to consider.

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1. Agnes

Agnes is the Latinized version of the Greek “Hangni” which comes from “hagnos” and means “chaste”. As the years went by, Agnes was associated with the Latin word “Agnus”, which means “lamb”. Though it was one of the most popular English girl names for hundreds of years, it’s tapered off a bit, but Agnes is still common across the Scandinavian region.

Agnes is a solid name that doesn’t allow room for mispronunciations or spelling mistakes. It’s straightforward and remains a popular choice for Scandinavian parents today.

2. Aino

Aino is near the top of many baby name lists in places like Estonia and Finland, likely because it’s short, sweet, cute, and one of those pretty Scandinavian girl names that have a fantastic meaning behind it. Aino means “the only one”, which makes it a stellar baby name overall.

Meaning isn’t important to everyone, but many parents give it some weight when making a name decision. With Aino, you can be certain you’re choosing an adorable name with a meaning behind it.

3. Alberte

Derived from the male name “Albert”, Alberte manages to be adorable while remaining slightly masculine, and it’s popular across the Scandinavian sub-region. With a Danish Germanic origin, Alberte means “wise” and “graceful”. It’s also been said to represent intelligence and nobility.

If you’re looking for popular Scandinavian names for girls that have an elegant twist, Alberte is right up your alley. Pair it with a simple middle name, or none at all.

4. Alma

One of the most popular girl names in Denmark last year was Alma, and it’s easy to see why. Alma is short and oh so sweet, and it comes from the Latin word “almus” which means “nourishing”.

Though caregiver roles have changed drastically over the years, many parents find solace in giving their baby girl a name that remains strong while exuding care. Alma gets the job done in every respect and is a wonderful testament to how women can remain strong (nourishing themselves) while caring for (nourishing) others all at once! It’s a great pick!

5. Astrid

One of the most common Scandinavian girl names is Astrid, particularly in Sweden where it was solidly in the list of the top 10 most popular Swedish girl names last year. Astrid means “divinely beautiful” and you really can’t argue with a name meaning that powerful. Though Astrid is traditionally feminine, it’s not uncommon for parents to utilize it for boys.

Astrid is of Scandinavian origin and remains incredibly popular in Sweden, in particular. Astrid comes with some adorable nicknames, including “Attie”, “Atty”, “Ari”, and “Atti”. Though it doesn’t have a cosmic meaning, it reminds many parents of the stars.

baby with one of the more cute Scandinavian girl names

6. Clara

The Scandinavian name, Clara, has made its way to the top of the charts around the world in recent years, causing a pre-school age boom of Claras at the moment. Don’t let this discourage you if you love the name, because it’s truly adorable, regardless of how many people use it.

Clara is the Scandinavian version of the name “Claire”, once popular in the US, but which has lost some traction of late. Clara can also be spelled with a k, like Klara, and it beautifully means “clear” or “bright”. Yes, it’s one of the most popular girl names in Scandinavia, but there’s a reason for that: Clara is a great name!

7. Elise

Elise has many different spellings, including “Elyse” and “Elyze”, and it’s derived from the French name “Elizabeth”. The name “Elsa” may also be a derivative of Elise. In Scandinavia, Elise is typically a shortened version of “Elisabeth” and it means “my God is abundance” or “my God is an oath”.

Parents need not be religious to use the name, Elise, as it’s more spiritual in meaning than anything. Regardless of your status in religious respect, Elise is a beautiful name that stands the test of time, remaining classic with an ever-modern twist.

8. Elsa

You’re all probably pretty familiar with the name “Elsa” by now, even if this is your first baby and you don’t have any older kids. Elsa is the famous Snow Queen from Disney’s “Frozen”, and her emergence onto the scene in 2013 made the name more popular than it has ever been.

In defense of that popularity, Elsa is not only one of the most traditional Scandinavian girl names, but it’s a beautiful name that’s associated with ice powers. It’s cool, no pun intended. Like Elise, Elsa is a form of Elisabeth.

9. Eva

The Scandinavian region has definitely embraced the name “Eva”, along with the rest of the world. This adorable baby girl’s name continues to top the charts on a global scale, and she’s taking her counterpart “Ava” right along with her. Though it’s not one of the traditional Scandinavian female names, Eva is still incredibly popular in the region.

Eva means “life” or “living one”, and there really is no better name to give to a new life than that! Eva is derived from the Hebrew “Eve”, and in many European languages, it’s actually the standard version of the biblical name. 

10. Eveliina

Eveliina is a beautiful name, no matter how you look at it. Eveliina is super common in Finland, and it’s basically a local twist on Eve or Eva, adding a bit of flair. A great thing about names is what you can create by combining or shortening them. Eveliina is the result of “Eve” or “Eva” and “Lina”.

You likely won’t hear it in too many parts of the world, but if you’re not native to Scandinavia, I highly suggest utilizing Eveliina. The chances of your child being the only one around with that name are high, so if originality is your thing, Eveliina is a stellar choice.

baby with one of the more popular Scandinavian names for girls

11. Freja

Continually topping the list of popular baby names in Sweden and Denmark, Freja is short and sweet, but means “lady” or “mistress”. Freja, also spelled as “Freya” or “Frejya”, with the latter being more common in Iceland, it has also been associated with the meaning of “noblewoman”.

Freja has roots in Norse mythology, as Goddess Freja was a beautiful, blue-eyed goddess symbolizing beauty, fertility, and love. Freja is, without question, one of the most beautiful Scandinavian girls’ names that you’ll come across, and other than in this amazing sub-region, you’re not likely to hear it very often.

FYI: The spelling “Freyja” was actually the second most popular Icelandic girl name from last year. Take a look at that article to see which name was number 1 – it’s not as typically Scandinavian as you would likely expect!

12. Frida

Though Frida is of German descent, it’s still incredibly popular in and across Scandinavia. For instance, it was in the top 10 most popular Norwegian names for girls last year and Mexican artist Frida Kahlo certainly brought light to the name, giving it a renewed spark across the globe. Frida remains ever-popular in Scandinavia, hailed for its ability to stand out in a crowd and match seamlessly with middle and last names.

The name Frida means “peace”, which is quite suitable for those peaceful late-night feedings spent in a rocking chair in a quiet nursery. While those moments are fleeting, they’re the ones parents tend to hang on to, and Frida embraces that wholly.

13. Gry

The list of beautiful Scandinavian names for girls continues! Gry is very popular in Scandinavia, primarily in Denmark and Norway, and it’s one of the names on the list that has strict roots within the region. Virtually unknown in many cultures, Gry means “dawn”, and it’s not only short and to the point, but adorable as well.

If you’re looking for one-syllable Scandinavian girl names, Gry is a fantastic choice. Though the name itself is completely unique, it’s short and blunt, which gives parents plenty of leeways when choosing a middle name. It just doesn’t get any more authentic than Gry.

14. Guorun

Spelled “Gudrun” in the rest of Scandinavia but strictly as “Guorun” in Iceland (or actually “Guðrún” if you’re being strict), this unusual name is one of the most unique Scandinavian female names. Guorun is at the top of the female baby name list in Iceland, and it means “God’s lore”. It’s not unheard of, but it would be odd to hear this name anywhere other than Scandinavia, so if you’re looking for originality, this is it right here.

Guorun has plenty of character to offer, and while it’s a somewhat complicated first name, that’s just fine, because raising girls is complicated. When sticking to your culture is important to you, a name like Guorun makes complete sense.

15. Hedda

Hedda is my favorite old Scandinavian girl name, as it means “warrior of war”. Little girls tend to be strong and courageous by nature, and it’s typically the adults in their lives that tell them tales of the things they have to fear. Hedda takes those cultural norms and turns them on their heads, or their “Heddas”.

Hedda is a gorgeous name that embraces strength while remaining soft through sound. Like so many women I know, Hedda isn’t quite what it seems, conveying endless layers of perseverance right below the surface. It’s a fantastic name choice for any sweet baby girl.

baby with one of the more traditional Scandinavian female names

16. Hedwig

Many of you probably recognize this name from the famed Harry Potter series, as Hedwig was Harry’s beloved pet owl. Hedwig is also a popular name in Scandinavia, topping the charts yearly, and owned that popularity long before it was known worldwide thanks to J.K. Rowling.

Hedwig has a few origin stories, one being that it hails from a Scandinavian saint, and the other suggests that it comes from the Old High German “Hadwig” and means “fight” or “duel”. Both stories offer significant meaning, and the name Hedwig remains classic and strong.

17. Helga

Helga is derived from the the Old Norse female name “Heilgr” which means “blessed” or “holy”. Helga is a name that is primarily used in Scandinavian countries and continues to reign at the top of the charts in this region year after year. It’s unlikely to see Helga in other parts of the world, unless you’re of Scandinavian, Finnish, Norwegian or German descent.

Though its use goes back centuries, Helga is a super cute name to bring into the modern world. It remains vintage, but using it in today’s society modernizes it somehow.

18. Helmi

Meaning “pearl” or “bead”, Helmi is a historically Finnish or Estonian-given name. It’s really cute and is often used in Finland as the shortened version of Vilhemiina. Helmi makes a great nickname if you’re using the full version of the name, but it also stands strong on its own. Helmi is a great way to stick to cultural relevance while remaining modern.

Not only does Helmi go with an assortment of names, but it’s likely that you’ve never heard it before until now unless you’re from the Scandinavian sub-region. It’s a great pick for parents that want a beautiful Scandinavian name for their new addition.

19. Iben

Referring to the wood of the yew tree, Iben is a popular name in Scandinavia and not so much beyond, so it’s a great name to choose when you want to stay within a particular region. Iben means “ebony” as well and remains completely gender-neutral. 

This name is most consistently used in Denmark and Norway, and parents love it for its to-the-point pronunciation and its versatility.

20. Ida

Also consistently used throughout the Scandinavian region, Ida is an extremely popular girl’s name. Found often in Europe and North America, Ida is pronounced as “Ee-da” in Scandinavian countries. The name has ancient Germanic roots, and has been said to mean “industrious” or “prosperous”, as the German root “id” means “labor” or “work”.

Ida can be a male or female name but is primarily used for women and girls. Ida has many uses and makes a fantastic middle name if you don’t want to commit to it as a first name.

baby with one of the most common, beautiful Scandinavian names for girls starting with S

21. Ingrid

Though popular primarily in Scandinavian countries, Finland and Norway included, Ingrid gained worldwide popularity due to actress Ingrid Bergman. She has since passed away, but the notoriety of the name has not. Ingrid comes from the Norse fertility god “Ing” and, very pointedly, means “beautiful”, which Ingrid Bergman was.

Ingrid is a really cute name for a little girl, as it sounds adult while somehow remaining childlike. If you’re looking for a classic Scandinavian name that’s well known around the world but not necessarily utilized, Ingrid is a great bet.

22. Iris

Iris is a classic name worldwide but retains most of its popularity across Scandinavia. Iris is derived from the Greek word of the same name and pronunciation, and it means “rainbow”. Iris is a sweet and stunning name for a baby girl, and though well-known, is still unexpected. Iris is often a family name, handed down from generation to generation.

In Greek mythology, Iris was the name of the Goddess of the Rainbow, responsible for delivering messages across the rainbow bridge to God. I can’t think of a more beautiful meaning for the name of a new baby than that!

23. Juni

There are few Scandinavian girl names that are as cute as Juni. While the meaning is simply “June”, it’s an adorable little name that is well-loved across Scandinavia, while other parts of the world have widely adopted “Juno” or “Juniper”. Juni goes with almost everything, leaving parents that choose the name with a ton of options regarding middle names, especially if you’re utilizing more than one.

Juni encompasses Scandinavian culture. It’s a wonderful name for any baby girl.

24. Katarina

Katarina is a Scandinavian version of Catharine or Katherine, and it means “pure”. Katarina brings modernness to Catherine, which allows parents today to feel vintage with a modern twist. Catherine is a common family name, so Katarina encourages carrying on the family name without staying in one lane.

Katarina is a sweet and spunky Scandinavian name that’s cute in any situation. If you want to combine classical with a touch of modern, this is the name for you.

25. Karla

Karla is popular in Denmark, and though it’s used often across Scandinavia, it’s one of the names on this list that remains popular in other parts of the world as well. Karla is a fantastic name that goes with just about anything, making it easy to weave into the family’s last names. Karla means “womanly”.

baby with one of the more unique Scandinavian female names

26. Kerttu

Kerttu is one of those Scandinavian names that you’re unlikely to hear anywhere else. It is, however, derived from the name “Gertrude”. While Kerttu isn’t popular outside of the Scandinavian sub-region, it might be time for that to change, because not only is Kerttu an incredibly cool name, but it means “warrior”, which makes it even better in my humble opinion.

The name Kerttu is definitely unique but, so often, it’s the unique names that people remember. Try it out with a few middle and last name combinations to see how you like it!

27. Kristin

Kristin is frequently topping the list of Scandinavian baby girl names and is particularly popular in Iceland. However, Kristin has made its mark in many other parts of the world, and would likely not be considered a primarily Scandinavian name.

Kristin means “follower of Christ” and has roots in Latin, coming from “Christina”. Other popular variations of Kristin are “Kirstin” or “Keirstin”.

28. Lilja

A beautiful Finnish and Swedish name, Lilja, means “Lily”, which is definitive of, you guessed it, the flower. Now, while it might seem basic and a bit common to name a baby girl after a flower, this is not the case with Lilja.

When choosing Lilja, you are choosing a name that represents strength and peace, and the variations in spelling and pronunciation are gorgeous. Lilja is a fantastic choice, and while popular throughout Scandinavia, it’s not common enough where a ton of children in your children’s future pre-school class will have it.

29. Linnea

A common name throughout Scandinavia, Linnea means “lime” or “linden tree”. There is something beautiful about naming a little girl after a tree, as trees represent quiet strength and the ability to weather a storm. Trees are a fantastic resource for deriving names, and Linnea is a perfect example of that.

After all, there’s a reason it made the top 10 list of most popular Finnish names for girls last year!

30. Tuva

Tuva means “tuft of grass”, and it’s definitely a name that you won’t hear anywhere else in the world. The “v” gives it a hard sound worthy of a flowing middle name, but it’s spunky and a ton of fun. I love the name, and I can imagine any little girl would feel the same.

Tuva is different while remaining easy to pronounce and straightforward. You can’t get Tuva wrong, but the name itself screams right! It’s a fantastic name.

What are some traditional Scandinavian names for girls?

Many people seek tradition when they name their babies, and because of that, it’s good to have a list of the more traditional names present. 

Here are a few traditional Scandinavian names for girls:

  • Alma
  • Astrid
  • Agnes
  • Clara
  • Elsa
  • Frida
  • Ingrid
  • Helga
  • Mathilde
  • Mille
  • Selma
  • Thelma
  • Vera
  • Ida
  • Wilma
  • Maya

Unusual Scandinavian girl names

On the other hand, there are always parents that want to give their child an unusual name, or something that will certainly stand out in a crowd. Unusual last names are fantastic for families that have a very simple last name, or perhaps are just ready to take on the originality of an uncommon name.

Luckily, Scandinavia has plenty of unusual names to offer, and I’ve got a few listed for you here:

  • Tuva
  • Vilde
  • Tiril
  • Solveig
  • Sigriour
  • Sigrid
  • Signe
  • Merle
  • Laerke
  • Kerttu
  • Iben
  • Helmi
  • Hedwig
  • Hedda
  • Gry