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Whether you once had a magical trip to Norway or those cold, icy fairy tales captured your imagination at some point in your life, seeing the most popular Norwegian girl names can definitely help to light a warm fire in your life where some naming inspiration is needed.

These are based on the official list of the most popular girl names in Norway for the last year, so rest assured that these are backed up with data.

However, this means you’ll now have options for a mix of some of the most traditional, unique and beautiful Norwegian names for girls – which may make narrowing down your choice even harder!

So keep reading to find some of the best Norwegian girl names – with meanings, of course!

baby with one of the most popular Norwegian girl names

What is the most common female name in Norway?

The most common female name in Norway last year was Anne, which can also be spelled “Ann”. The name “Anne” comes from the Latin “Anna”, which is a representation of the Hebrew-derived “Hannah” and means “favor” or “grace”.

There are plenty of reasons that parents might choose to name their baby girl Anne. Overall, the name is simple and sweet, yet beautiful. The meaning alone is a great reason to pick this name, and it works well as a middle name too. The popularity of names tends to change over the years, but Anne is a constant among females within the country of Norway.

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Now that we’ve established that the most common female name in Norway is Anne, we can move onto the current list of the most popular Norwegian names for girls.

1. Nora

The most popular Norwegian girl name last year was Nora. This French-derived version of the name comes from “Eleanora” which means “light”.

However, instead of France, Nora actually originates from Ireland, and there, it means “honor”. Overall, though, it doesn’t matter which meaning you assign to the name “Nora”, both are beautiful and uplifting.

2. Emma

Emma isn’t only on this list of popular Norwegian girl names but sits at the top of female baby name lists around the globe. If you’re looking for something short and sweet to name your baby girl, Emma is a fantastic choice. A common nickname for Emma is simply “Em”.

Though Emma is an English name, its roots are old Germanic and mean “whole” or “universal”. These meanings are perfect to assign to a baby that you’ll love beyond the universe. Emme can go with almost any middle name but stands strong on its own.

Is Emma a Norwegian name?

Emma is absolutely a popular name in Norway, and it very well could have originated in the region, though it’s been said to have found its roots in other parts of Europe. Emma has Germanic roots as well, however, coming from the word “ermen”.

You can see its popularity throughout the region on other baby name lists, where it always features prominently. For example, it also made the top 10 most popular Icelandic girl names last year!

3. Sofie

Soft and sweet, the name “Sofie” has a meaning as perfect as the name itself! With origins rooted in both France and Greece, Sofie, also spelled “Sophie” means “wisdom”. Sofie is popular around the world, and today, it’s one of the most popular girl names in Norway.

You’ll often see the name “Sophia” higher up on most baby name lists, which “Sofie” is derived from. Sofie is popular among English royalty as well, and we can’t blame them, because not much sounds better than “Princess Sophia”.

4. Olivia

Olivia goes back quite a ways in history, with the first documented use of the name existing within the pages of William Shakespeare’s “Twelfth Night”. Olivia is the feminine version of the name “Oliver”, and has Latin roots. In short, the name means “olive tree”, which is incredibly peaceful and will likely strike a positive chord with some parents.

Olivia is a perfect name for any baby girl, though many parents shorten it to “Livvy” or “Liv”. Either way, it’s adorable!

5. Ella

Ella is popular all on its own, and it also serves as a pretty stunning suffix in the modern English language, birthing names like “Aubriella”. Though Ella has Germanic and English origins, in Spanish, Ella means “she” or “her”. Therefore, the name is considered to mean “girl” or “feminine” as well.

Overall, Ella is a super-sweet name that will work perfectly no matter how you decide to utilize it. It works as a first or middle name, and you can use it as a suffix to create something completely unique.

6. Sofia

Sofia is just as popular as its name-counterpart “Sofie”, and for good reason. Not only is the name beautiful, but in Greece, it exudes beauty and sophistication. Like “Sofie”, Sofia means “wisdom”, and shot to popularity through European royalty in the Middle Ages.

Honestly, things haven’t slowed down for Sofia since 1500, as it remains in high demand around the world today. Sofia holds the same meaning when spelled with a “ph”, like “Sophia”.

7. Maja

Maja is one of the more traditional Norwegian girl names and is of Scandinavian origin. While it sounds completely different and unique (which it is), it’s actually a form of the very common female name “Maria”. Maja means “The Sea of the Bitter” or “Star of the Sea”.

Maja is an adorable name for a baby girl, and it allows Norwegian parents to stick close to home regarding origin. It makes a great middle name too!

Did you know… Maja was actually the second most popular Swedish girl name last year. Take a look at our article to see which name was number 1 (as well as the full 100 most popular names)!

8. Leah

Leah had a slow climb to popularity around a decade or so ago, and it hasn’t tapered off since then, claiming a spot in the top 50 baby girl names in many countries. Leah is a biblical name that comes from Hebrew origin, and it means “weary” or “delicate”, which are familiar feelings for parents of new babies.

Leah is short and cute and comes with “Lee” as a nickname. You’ll hear “Leah” at the end of names like “Natalia” and “Amelia”, though the spelling will be different.

baby with one of the most traditional Norwegian female names

9. Frida

Frida has Germanic roots, and is often spelled as “Freda”, “Frieda”, and “Freida”. Popular in Central and Eastern Europe, Frida comes from the German word “frid”, meaning “peace”. Frida is a study name that can handle almost any middle or last name, and it’s incredibly easy to pair.

While you won’t find it as much in North America, the name remains popular across Europe. It’s definitely one of the more traditional Norwegian female names.

10. Ingrid

Ingrid has Scandinavian roots, and the name remains incredibly popular in Norway, rounding out the top 10 Norwegian girl names of last year. From the name of the Norse Goddess of fertility”Ing” and “frior” which means “love”. We live in a time where names are often fluid and flowing, and Ingrid stands out in stark contrast.

Ingrid means “beautiful”, and its uniqueness makes it a fantastic name for your baby girl. Ingrid is sassy in a world where we could all use a little sass.

11. Ada

The name Ada originates from the Germanic “adel” which means “nobility”. Ada comes from “Adaline” and “Adalaide”. Ada has also been traced to Hebrew origin, but is spelled as “Adah” and means “adornment”. However, it doesn’t end there. Ada was used in Greek Mythology as well and was in active use in Ancient Greece.

With so many origin tracings, it’s not odd that Ada has made its way to the top of baby name lists on a global scale, Norway included. It’s one of the most beautiful Norwegian girl names circulating today.

12. Alma

Alma has always been in the top 1000 when it comes to baby name lists, but after dropping off around 2011 and 2012, it’s making a comeback! So cute and vintage, Alma means a lot of things, including “nourishing”, “learned”, “kind”, “soul”, and “young woman”.

Alma is easy to appreciate for all the meanings it holds. The name is simple and doesn’t go without integrity. It’s a wonderful name.

By the way… while “only” number 12 in Norway, Alma was actually the most popular Danish girl name for last year!

13. Emilie

Emilie is the French version of the ever-popular name “Emily”. While you might know more than one Emilie, we can’t help but suggest this name for your little one, as Emilie means “to strive”, and the meaning only adds to the strength in numbers the name has already built.

While Emilie is not as popular as a Scandinavian female name as it is in North America, it still ranks high across Europe. It’s a sweet and dainty name with an intense meaning, which is always very cool.

14. Hedda

Hedda, a diminutive form of Hedwig, is of German descent, and it has more than one meaning. Hedda can mean “battle war”, and it may also mean “contention” and “strife”. While these meanings might sound a little on the stressful side, don’t let it hold you back from using Hedda as a baby name.

Not only is it original, but it’s not as widely used as some of the others on this list. Hedda is truly one of the more unique and beautiful Norwegian names for girls.

15. Amalie

Amalie means “work” which is a tough meaning for such a sweet and gentle name. The meaning behind this name makes its smooth sweetness even better, as so often, softness is strength. Amalie is Germanic in origin, coming from “Amalia”. In Arabic, Amalie means “hope”.

Amalie is a fantastic alternative if you love “Emilie” or even “Emily”, but you’d like to give it a little twist. The pronunciations are similar, but Amalie has a beautiful “Ah” sound at the beginning. It’s a great choice!

16. Tiril

Though Tiril is gaining popularity on a global level, the most common place you’ll hear this name is in Norway, as it’s one of those unique Norwegian names that has roots right at home. While many believe that Tiril is a name for boys, it’s climbing the popularity ladder of Norwegian girls’ names as well. Tiril means “the alluring sounds”, and it’s unlikely you’ll hear this one anywhere in North or South America.

Tiril is incredibly original, and it makes a super name for parents that are looking for something different. It comes highly recommended!

baby with one of the most beautiful Norwegian names for girls

17. Selma

The name Selma originated in Germany and has the straightforward meaning of “helmet of God”. Selma is a brave and unique name for a little girl, and while its popularity lags in the United States, it remains in constant rotation in Sweden and Norway.

If you love a name but aren’t a fan of the meaning, remember that names have different meanings in varying cultures. Selma, for example, means “with divine protection” in Germanic, and “beautiful view” in Celtic. So, pick the one you like and run with it!

18. Astrid

Astrid is an old Scandinavian name that has a lovely meaning; “divinely beautiful”. Traditionally, Astrid is a feminine name, but it hasn’t been uncommon for parents of late to use this name for boys as well. Astrid has a few super cute common nicknames, including “Attie”, “Atti”, “Atty”, and “Ari”.

In Greece, Astrid has a slightly different meaning, one that was written in the stars. There, Astrid was derived from the Greek word “Astron”, meaning “star”, and so Astrid means “starlike in radiance”. No matter which meaning you prefer, Astrid is truly dreamy and tops the list of pretty Norwegian girl names.

19. Iben

Iben is gender-neutral and primarily used in Scandinavian countries like Denmark and, you guessed it, Norway! Though occasionally used for boys, Iben takes the reins when it comes to girl names, and it means “ebony”. This is a name that you will not find in many parts of the world, but in Norway, it’s quite common.

Iben is a wonderful name for a girl and allows you to get simplistic middle names. It’s short and simple, yet strong.

20. Mia

There are a lot of theories behind the name “Mia” and where it actually originated. Most historians believe that “Mia” comes from Egyptian origins, but is also linked to the Italian word for “mine”, which is “Mia”. Mia is incredibly appealing because it’s not only beautiful, but it’s multi-cultural too.

Mia is typically trending on a global scale. While your daughter might not be the only Mia in her class, it’s too beautiful of a name to pass up.

21. Sara

Sara, which is also often spelled as “Sarah” is of Hebrew origin and means, very pointedly, “Princess”. There aren’t any masculine forms of the name “Sara”, and the name remains traditional while managing to stand out in a crowd as tradition falls to trends.

Sarah was more popular around the world in the 1990s, but Norway keeps it going strong. It’s never in the top ten, but you’ll likely always find it somewhere on popular Norwegian girl names.

22. Anna

Anna is derived from the Hebrew “Hannah” or “Chanah”, and it means “grace”, “beautiful” or “favor”. Anna lost traction for a while but shot up the charts when Disney released their uber-hit “Frozen” in 2013. Since then, Anna has managed to stay atop baby name lists everywhere, Norway included.

If you like the name “Anne”, but you want a delicate variation, Anna is a great choice. It’s sweet but strong and remains simple while standing the test of time. Plus, it goes with pretty much any last name.

23. Eva

Eva is such a darling name, and it allows for a modern yet simultaneously vintage feel. This is a simple, classic Hebrew name for girls, but it has been on the Top 100 lists since the late 2010s. So, if you’re looking for an original name, Eva might not be it, depending on where you’re located in the world.

While it’s more popular in other demographics, Eva is still a major contender in Norway. Eva means “life” or “living one”, making it a perfect choice for your spunky little girl.

24. Vilde

Currently incredibly popular in Norway, Vilde relates to the slang term “vilde” meaning “wild one”. It’s unlikely to find the name Vilde outside of Norway, so if you’re considering this original name from outside the country, choose it, because it will come with a great story.

On the other hand, if you currently reside in Norway, you’ve probably noticed the uptick in the use of the name Vilde. It’s an incredibly cool name, so even if you already know a few people with it, that’s no reason to shy away from it, especially if you really love it!

baby with one of the most pretty Norwegian girl names

25. Hanna

Hanna, also spelled “Hannah” and derived from the Hebrew “Chanah”, is one of the most popular Biblical names in the world. Hanna means “grace” or “favor” and you’ll find names like “Anne” and “Anna” have that same meaning. Hanna is a spunky name with a soft and gentle sound, which makes it appealing to many parents.

Hanna has tapered a bit in popularity in recent years, but that doesn’t mean it isn’t used often globally. Hanna is one of those names that won’t steer you wrong.

26. Ida

Found often in Europe and North America, Ida means “industrious” or “prosperous” and stems from the Germanic root word “id”, which means “labor” and “work”. While Ida has hardy meanings, don’t let that shy you away from the name. It’s tough yet feminine, and while it doesn’t show up often in many places, you’ll find it in the top 20 to 30 in Nordic countries.

27. Thea

Thea is an alternate spelling of the Greek Goddess “Theia”, which literally means “gift of God”. Thea is an incredible name, and not widely used in many parts of the world, though overlooking it in the way we do is a shame.

Original and so pretty, Thea is a lovely name for any baby girl. It’s short and gentle, and it goes wonderfully with the names that follow it, such as middle and last names. It’s a beautiful name, without question.

28. Aurora

Another hailed Disney name, when most people think of “Aurora”, they think of the classic “Sleeping Beauty”. Aurora is a magical name, and its Latin meaning is “dawn”. When you think of the name Aurora, you can’t help but think of romantic dresses and woodland animals, but the name has more strength than that.

It’s not easy to say as it doesn’t exactly roll off the tongue, but pairing it with simplistic names will help this popular Norwegian girl name work for you.

29. Tuva

Tuva has Hebrew origins (meaning “Yaweh is good”) but remains one of the oldest and most unique Norwegian female names. Tuva always manages to make popular baby name lists without being overwhelmed by societal use. In other words, you probably don’t know many people named Tuva, but you’ve probably heard of those that are.

Tuva is a sturdy and fun name, and it’s undeniably different. Any name with a strong “V” sound is worth considering, primarily if you’d like your baby name to stand out in a crowd.

30. Ellinor

Ellinor is of Greek origin and, very directly, means “sun ray”. Could there be a better name for your little ray of sunshine? Some of you may think so, but others will take one look at Ellinor and the baby’s name will have officially been chosen!

Ellinor is a version of the name “Eleanor” which means “light” or “shining light”. Either way, Ellinor is a bright and sunny name worthy of any little girl.

31. Amanda

Once upon a time, Amanda was popular on a global scale, but today, some of its steam has tapered off. Regardless, Amanda is a pretty name that comes with the cutest nickname ever, “Mandy”. Amanda is of Latin origins and means “loveable”, “worthy of love”, and “she must be loved”. Amanda has a lovely meaning, and while its popularity has waned, that doesn’t change how pretty the name is.

One of the best parts of using a once-popular name for your baby is the revival aspect. People will hear a name they haven’t heard in years, and they love it all over again. Amanda comes highly recommended by many!

32. Ellie

Ellie means “shining light” and is a derivative of a number of popular girls’ names, including Eleanor, Elizabeth or even names that end in -elle such as Isabelle. Whether you choose to use it as a standalone name, as many in Norway do these days, or as a nickname from one of its longer counterparts, it is certainly a beautiful Norwegian girl name that you could use all over the world.

baby with one of the most unique Norwegian female names

33. Lilly

The name Lilly has several meanings. Its Hebrew roots give it the meaning “God is my oath” but it also evokes the lily flower, giving images of innocence and purity.

34. Jenny

Interestingly, the name Jenny – not Jennifer, as you’re more likely to see in other countries – is one of the most popular Norwegian girl names at the moment. Its Celtic meaning is “lady of the people”, so could be perfect for a little girl who will be at home in her community.

35. Linnea

Linnea is certainly a popular Norwegian name for girls, much like in other Scandinavian countries. It actually means “lime tree”, so its cool, refreshing ode to nature could be just what you’re looking for.

36. Mathilde

Mathilde means “mighty in battle”, which makes sense when you consider how popular this name has been throughout Scandinavia over at least the last 1,000 years. With strong Viking connotations, your little lady bearing this old Norwegian girl name will be prepared to tackle life head on.

37. Saga

Saga means “fairy tale” and the strong sounds of this name coupled with the pretty, softer meaning make this a truly beautiful Norwegian girl name.

38. Hedvig

The name Hedwig has Germanic roots and means “warrior in the war”. As another one of the popular Norwegian names for girls with battle undertones, you just know this strength will shine through her personality.

39. Sigrid

Sigrid is a name from Old Norse and is a combination of the words for “victory” and “beautiful”, making it truly one of the traditional Norwegian girl names that still has a place in modern times. In fact, if you’re looking for Norwegian girl names that start with S, this is as northern as they come.

40. Marie

Marie is the Norwegian version of Maria and means “rebellious”. Much like the name Maria in other countries, Marie continues to be highly popular in Norway, whether due to its religious roots or due to a generation deciding to raise their own little rebels!

FYI: While Maria may be one of the more popular Norwegian girl names, it’s even more so in Finland where, on the list of most popular Finnish girl names from last year, it came in at number 1!

41. Live

Live means “protection” or “shelter”, from the Old Norse word “hilf”, or “life” from the more modern word “liv”. Don’t interpret this though as if your girl will have a sheltered existence – rather, she may end up being the protection for others from the storm.

baby with one of the more unusual Norwegian girl names

42. Mie

Mie is a Norwegian variant of the name Mia, both of which are contractions of the name Maria. In fact, when Mie is pronounced in Norwegian (“Mee-ye”), it sounds much closer to Mia than how an English speaker may think “Mie” would be read.

43. Solveig

Solveig is also an Old Norse name for girls although, interestingly, there are different theories on what it means. Some think the first part of the name comes from the Old Norse for house (“salr”) while others believe it may be the Old Norse word for sun (“sól).

Similarly, the second part of the name either comes from Old Norse for strength (“veig”), battle (“víg”) or possibly even way (“väg”).

Whichever meaning you prefer, this is certainly one of the more traditional Norwegian female names on the list where you really can’t go wrong.

44. Amelia

Amelia is of Latin origin but has skyrocketed to popularity around the world in very recent years. Amelia, from the Latin root word “amal” means “work”. However, “work” isn’t translated in the traditional meaning here, and instead refers to “industriousness” and “fertility” instead of actual labor.

Is Amelia a Norwegian name?

While Amelia is certainly popular in Norway, it stems from Latin roots instead of having established roots in Nordic, Scandinavian, or Germanic languages. Of course, many popular names around the world have origins in different regions, and just because a name isn’t native to that country doesn’t mean it’s not popular there.

45. Julie

Julie was originally a Latin name and means “youthful”, “beautiful” or “vivacious”, so you can perhaps see why it’s a popular Norwegian girl name with meanings like that!

Just be careful with the pronunciation, as it’s not said in Norwegian exactly how we would in English. Instead, it’s closer to “yoo-lee-ah”, making it a great variation of the English “joo-lee”.

46. Mille

Mille is derived from Camilla and means “helper to the priest”. Not only is it one of the omre popular girl names in Norway, It’s also become more and more used throughout Scandinavia, meaning it could be a good option if you want something that links to the whole region, not just Norway specifically.

47. Agnes

Agnes was originally a Green name and means “chaste”. While a very popular Norwegian girl name on its own, you can also find it used throughout Scandinavia as Agneta, Agnetha and Agnete – just in case you want some choices!

48. Hermine

Hermine means “army woman” so could be the perfect, slightly unusual Norwegian girl name for your tough little lady. And for the Harry Potter fans out there, you may be surprised when reading this to know that it’s not pronounced like Hermione. Instead, you would say it closer to “Her-mee-nuh”.

baby with one of the old Norwegian girl names

49. Victoria

Victoria means “victorious”, perhaps unsurprisingly – and you could definitely be victorious here if you were looking for a pretty Norwegian girl name that you can use around the world.

50. Eline

Eline is the Scandinavian version of Helen and means “bright, shining light”. This one has the great aspect of being a slightly unique Norwegian girl name, with the pronunciation (“el-ee-nuh”) not being too difficult for most other languages to pronounce. It’s a win win!

Unique Norwegian girl names

While most of the popular Norwegian girl names offer a beautiful combination of soft, lilting sounds with meanings that often show her hidden strength, it’s also true that many of them may not be overly familiar to you, especially if you come from an English-speaking background. And this can be a good thing, especially if you don’t want your child to be one of five kids with the same name in their class!

So here are some unique Norwegian female names that are also popular:

  1. Maja
  2. Hedda
  3. Tiril
  4. Iben
  5. Vilde
  6. Tuva
  7. Saga
  8. Hedvig
  9. Live
  10. Mie
  11. Solveig
  12. Mille