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From the innovative country that brought us the pacemaker, the three-point seat belt, and arguably the greatest pop group of the 70s and 80s, Sweden is no less creative when it comes to naming their female children. Noted for their musical-sounding lilts and staccato syllables, this list of the most popular Swedish names for girls from last year has some great options, no matter where you’re from.

Whether you are expecting a baby girl and are searching for unique Swedish names for girls that will make her stand out from the crowd, or you are writing a novel and need to find some beautiful Swedish girl names for your heronie, this list will definitely help you embrace your inner Swede.

little girl with one of the most popular Swedish names for girls

According to Statistics Sweden, many of the most popular Swedish names for girls include many that are also popular in North America and other countries. For instance, the most popular Swedish girl name from last year is “Alice”, which is similarly popular in numerous other countries across the world.

And while you’re also bound to find other names on this list that you may recognize from your own country, some may seem more unique – which, of course, is exactly what you want when scouring baby name lists from other countries! 

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One thing to keep in mind, if authenticity is what you’re going for in selecting traditional Swedish female names, is that you may wish to familiarize yourself with their correct pronunciations. 

For instance, a name that is common in English, such as “Angelica” is (more or less) pronounced “Ahn-yell-ika” in Swedish, and “Johanna” is pronounced “Yo-hannah”. These Swedish pronunciation tips can help you out here, especially in seeing the difference compared to English, like in the difference with the “th” sound.

1. Alice

Loosely translated from German, the meaning of Alice is “of noble character or rank, of nobility”. Fortunately, for anyone inspired by the fact that it’s currently the most popular Swedish name for girls, Alice is pronounced the same way in both Swedish and English.

2. Maja

Maja is pronounced the same as the English name Maya, the Swedish meaning of which is “splendid”. In some cultures, the name signifies the mother of Buddha, but not in Sweden, although it’s certainly a beautiful name for girls no matter where you’re from.

3. Vera

Vera is pronounced in Swedish with an accent on the first syllable and means “truth”, “faith” or “victory” in the Swedish language. The name was most popular in the United States in the 1930s but has made a resurgence in contemporary times.

4.  Alma

In Swedish, the name Alma means “loving”, as opposed to the American version of the name, which means “nourishing”. It can also mean “maiden” or “spirit” – perfect for any little girl full of high spirits!

Did you know: Alma is actually the most popular Danish girl name from last year!

5. Selma

Selma is a beautiful name with different origins across the world. For instance, while the name means “God’s helmet” in English, in Swedish, Selma means “truth”. 

Interestingly, while it is of primarily Germanic origin, it also has roots in Arabic, making it a beautiful Swedish name for girls if you’re also looking to nod at other cultures too. 

6.  Elsa

The name Elsa is a shortened form of “Elishebet” and its many variants. In Swedish, the name is rooted in Christianity and means “oath of God” or “God is satisfaction”.

And while Frozen may not be specifically set in Sweden, it is somewhere in Scandinavia. So with your very own Princess Elsa of Arendelle at home, you can’t go wrong!

7. Lilly

In Sweden, the name Lilly refers to the beautiful lily flowers that grow during Swedish springtime and is pronounced the same as the English version of the name. The name appears in both the Old Testament and the New Testament, although it doesn’t really have overly religious connotations anymore.

baby with one of the most popular Swedish girl names

8. Ella

A delightful name in Swedish that signifies a “fairy maiden”. It is a variant of the name”Elsebet” which is equivalent to “Elizabeth”, in English. 

9. Astrid

Astrid is an Old Norse female name that means “for god” and “beautiful” in Swedish, so is literally the answer if you’re looking for beautiful Swedish names for girls! 

In contemporary times, it was made popular by the Swedish author, Astrid Lingberg, who wrote the popular children’s novel “Pipi Longstockings”.

By the way… Astrid made the list of the most popular Norwegian girl names from last year, but didn’t get into the top 10. Take a look at our article to see which names made the cut!

10.  Wilma

In Swedish, the name Wilma means “will””desire” or “resolute protector”, so it is perfect for any strong-willed little girl. 

It is actually a shortened version of the name Wilhelmina which comes from the Old Swedish language.

11. Ellie

Originally of Hebrew origin, in Swedish, the name Ellie means “God is the source of light”. It is derived from the Swedish name, Elanora, which in itself can be a beautiful variation on the name Eleanor which is becoming more popular in English speaking circles.

By the way… if you’re looking for a slightly more unique spelling of this that still has a Scandinavian flavor, the name “Elli” was number 24 on the list of the most popular Finnish names for girls last year!

12. Olivia

Olivia symbolizes the olive tree, considered to be a symbol of peace in Sweden. It is the female version of the name Oliver and comes from the Old Norse language.

13. Freja

Pronounced “Frey-a” the name means “lady” or “noblewoman”. This name is associated with the legendary goddess of war and death, love and beauty in Scandinavian folklore, making it one of the more traditional Swedish girl names out there.

FYI: It’s also considered pretty traditional throughout the rest of Scandinavia as well, with Freyja being the second most popular female Icelandic name last year. Take a look at which name scooped the number one spot!

14. Leah

The name Leah has Hebrew origins and means “delicate” or “weary”. It is mentioned repeatedly in the Bible and is known for offering gentle strength and divine nobility. You are sure to have a wise and strong girl on your hands if this is the one for you.

baby with one of the more traditional Swedish girl names

15. Ines 

In Swedish, the name Ines means “sacred”, “chaste”, “partner” or “virgin”.

16.  Signe

Victory is sure to be your little girl’s amazing future with Signe as her name, which means “new victory” from the Old Norse sigr (victory) and nýr (new). While it may be one of the more unique Swedish female names on this list, its strength makes it an even more attractive choice!

17. Stella

Charismatic is at an all-time high with this name choice for your precious little bundle of energy, with the name Stella in Swedish coming from the Latin for “star”. 

18. Ebba

The name Ebba is a good name for nature lovers. It means “outward flow of the tide”, much like how it’s used in English in that the sea will “ebb and flow”.

19. Clara

In Sweden, the meaning of the name Clara is “clear” “bright” or “famous”. The name can also begin with the letter “K” if you prefer this written as “Klara” while still maintaining that brilliant (literally!) meaning.

20. Saga

The name “Saga” means “fairy tale” in Swedish, but could possibly mean “seeing one” from the Old Norse language. 

It is also the name given to a Norse folklore goddess that is popular in certain Swedish children’s stories, making it perfect for a girl destined to be a natural storyteller, weaving and spinning tales for friends and family all around her as she grows up using her imagination to its fullest.

21. Alva

Of Scandinavian origin, the name Alva means “elf”. For anyone familiar with Scandinavian folklore, you’ll know how important elves are in a number of these stories and so this may be the perfect Scandinavian girl name if you really want to tap into the rich culture of this region.

baby with one of the most traditional Swedish female names

22. Agnes

The name has roots in Catholicism and means “holy””chaste” or “pure”. Agnes is derived from St. Agnes, a virgin who was martyred and who is frequently depicted with a lamb shown by her side.

23. Ester

The name Ester is of Slavic origin and means “star” or having “star-like” qualities. This is actually the name used by famous Swedish artist, Ruth “Ester” Elisabet Ellqvist, so could be the perfect Swedish name for a girl who you’re hoping will embrace her creative side and shine bright.

24. Hedda

The name Hedda represents “refuge from war” and is more popular in German and Scandinavian countries. While it is a name not frequently used in the United States, it’s strength and ease of pronunciation make it one of the unique Swedish female names that could easily work in an English speaking context.

25. Alicia

Alicia has different meanings in a number of languages, cultures, and countries. In Sweden, the name Alicia means one who is noted for being graceful, truthful, and noble.

You may, however, wish to take a look at this interview of Swedish actress Alicia Vikander explaining how to pronounce her name. The pronunciation “uh-liss-ee-ah” shouldn’t be too hard for English speakers!

26. Mila

With Slovakian origins, the name Mila means a female who is miraculous, industrious, and adheres to traditions. If you are looking to raise a little baby girl full of gentle grace and wise understanding, this is a beautiful Swedish girl name for you – or your daughter rather.

27. Julia

A youthful woman would be appropriately named Julia if in Sweden, given that this is the meaning of this name. Just be aware of the pronunciation of the “j” sound in Swedish; it’s closer to the English “y”, giving a unique spin on this fairly popular name.

28. Iris

A delightful “rainbow” or “iris flower” is the meaning assigned to the name Iris in Sweden – and many other countries, for that matter. You just know with this name that a positive and hopeful attitude is sure to fill her days ahead.

baby with one of the most beautiful Swedish girl names

29. Molly

You might find Molly leading a riot, as the Swedish meaning of this name is “rebellious”. It has origins in Latin and Hebrew and is considered a nickname for Mary, so is certainly one of the more traditional Swedish girl names on this list.

30. Luna

As in other languages, in Sweden, the name “Luna” pays tribute to the moon. The name also represents the Roman Goddess of the Moon. In fact, in many examples of classical art, the Goddess Luna is often shown commandeering a chariot. 

And Luna isn’t only one of the most popular Swedish names for girls, it is currently one of the top 1000 baby girl names in the US as well. But will your sweet little girl be in love with the twinkling stars always looking up or will she be a natural night owl – or both? Time is the only thing that can tell.

31. Juni

It might be not so surprising to learn that the name Juni signifies the 6th month of the year in Swedish, so could be the perfect fit for your summer arrival. The name also represents being youthful or young, in general.

32. Sigrid

Originally a Norse name, the meaning of Sigrid is “fair victory”. As an old Swedish name for girls, this name is also now growing in popularity in the United States and is ranked among the top 1000 female baby names there as well.

33. Ellen

Short for the name Eleanor, the name Ellen means “sun ray” in Swedish. This little girl will be a shining star in the making with a full life just waiting for her to shine her best in all she does.

34. Leia

The Swedish meaning for the name Leia is “meadow”. However, you probably know this name for its connection to that very unknown movie series, Star Wars, which may or may not be an advantage for you. 

So if you’re looking for similar Swedish names for girls that don’t quite have that pop culture link, you may be pleased to know that a diminutive of this is Lea, which could work well too.

35. Nova

In Sweden, the name Nova comes from the Latin for “new one” or “new star”. And with new babies meaning fresh new beginnings and many firsts, this traditional Swedish female name could be perfect for your new little bundle of joy.

baby with one of the most beautiful Swedish names for girls

36. Livia

If you enjoy fish, olive trees, and life in general, the Swedish name “Livia” signifies all those great things. For a little girl who is discovering the world, this popular Swedish girl name could be just what you need.

37. Lova

Lova is the Swedish word for “promise” and so the name literally means “vow”.

38. Celine

In Sweden, a strong child who knows what she wants might be named Celine. There, it means “God of War”. And just as an added bit of knowledge: Celine is the feminine version of the male name Marceline, although that isn’t quite as popular these days.

39. Meja

Strength is implied in the Swedish meaning of the name Meja, which comes from the Old Norse word “mäghin”, meaning “power” or “force”. 

This traditional Swedish female name is becoming far more popular in Sweden today, perhaps resulting from the popularity of the Swedish pop singer, Meja.

40. Emilia

The name Emilia signifies one who is industrious, a rival, or a competitor in Sweden. Don’t see this as a negative though, with the lilting sounds of how this name is pronounced in Swedish making it clear why this is one of the most popular Swedish names for girls.

41. Elvira

Contrary to the image of the American pop icon who always dresses in black, in Sweden, the meaning of “Elvira” means white or blond.

42. Elise

The name Elise represents the phrase “God is my oath” in Sweden. It’s also not pronounced as “el-ees”, like in English, but is closer to “el-ees-uh” in Swedish, giving a pretty twist on how many of us would usually see this name.

toddler with one of the more unique Swedish female names

43. Nora

The meaning of the name Nora in Swedish, is “torch” “honor” and “reputation”. With this popular Swedish girl name, you’re sure to have a girl filled with honor abound.

44. Linnea

In Sweden, the meaning of the name”Linnea” is”lime tree” or “lime flower” – which is not to be confused with key lime pie! Instead, maybe you’ll have a future gardener or florist on your hands with this pick.

The name is of Swedish origin and has numerous roots that are used in more than one country and language. Today, it is frequently found in English-speaking countries.

45. Liv

The name Liv means “life” in Swedish and is a variant of Olivia. And with a rich, well-lived life, what more could you ask for for your little girl?

46. Edith

The Swedish meaning of the name “Edith” is “weather””fortune”, or “war” – take your pick! It’s variant is “Edit” which is also used commonly in Sweden. In fact, the name has been used for a number of saints and among Swedish royalty.

47. Lo

The name “Lo” is a shortened version of “Louisa” or “Lovisa” in Swedish, and means “noise of war”. The name is actually gender-neutral and is commonly used among both boys and girls in Sweden.

48.  Sofia

In Sweden, you can’t go wrong with the name Sofia, which means “woman of wisdom”. It originates from the Greek language and was also the name of a Roman saint.

One of the current members of the Swedish royal family, Princess Sofia, is clearly a big fan of this name. And you wouldn’t be alone in choosing this beautiful Swedish girl name, with it now approaching the top 10 most popular names in the United States as well.

49. Sara

If you are a woman of high rank in Sweden, your name might be Sara. The name is a very close variation of Sarah, which is originally a Biblical name that is used in many different languages. It is also said to mean “princess”, “pure”, “queen” and “lady”.

baby with one of the more unique Swedish names

50. Tyra

The name “Tyra” in Sweden means “thunder fighter”. You’ll understand why when you hear that this traditional Swedish female name is actually a variant of the name Thor, who is one of the more famous Norse Gods, partly thanks to Marvel.

51. Alba

In Sweden, the name Alba means “sunrise” or “twilight”, taken from the Spanish word with this exact meaning. The name is the feminine version of the male Albus (shoutout to all the Harry Potter fans out there) and, as you can probably guess from the Spanish link, has strong Latin roots.

52. Ruth

If a friendship or female companionship is important to you, you might like the name Ruth, which has these meanings in Swedish. It comes from the Hebrew word that means “friend”, with Ruth having had a central role in the Bible. 

Just take note of my earlier comment on how the “th” sound is different in Swedish, as it may not sound exactly as you’re used to hearing this name in Sweden.

53. Majken

Majken is truly one of the more beautiful Swedish names for girls given its meaning of “beloved, wished-for child”. It is actually a Swedish variant of Mary so could offer an interesting variation on this name if you’re looking to honor a Mary in your life.

54. Hilma

The name”Hilma” is used most frequently in German and Scandinavian countries and means “God’s helmet” or “protective helmet”. Much like Wilma above at number 10, it is the shortened version of the name Wilhelmina.

55. Thea

Thea is derived from the name Dorothea and means “goddess” in Swedish. It’s also popular in other parts of Scandinavia, particularly Denmark, although Sweden is where you’ll find the most Theas in this part of the world.

56. Cleo

In Swedish, the name “Cleo” signifies “persistent” and “illustrious”, which could be just what you want out of your little girl.


57. Mira

Mira is a short form of Krasmira in the Swedish language. It means “beauty” or “adornment”.

58. Emma

The Swedish meaning of the name”Emma” means “whole”, “great”, “beautiful” and “strong”. With meanings like that, it’s clear why this isn’t just a popular Swedish girl name but popular the world over!

59. Lykke

Lykke is the Swedish word for “happiness” and is pronounced close to “lick-eh”. Surely this means that good fortune and happiness are the key to this little lady’s future. 

60. Nellie

The name “Nellie” in Swedish is generally considered as being short for Elinor, which means”shining light”. And as every parent wants their daughter to be a shining light to others, with a name like Nellie, that destiny is a surety.

61. Bonnie

A Swedish baby name that means”pretty”, “fine” and “beautiful” is none other than “Bonnie”. This means that if you’re looking for beautiful Swedish names for girls, this is literally the one for you.

62. Sally

“A woman of high rank” is what “Sally” means in Swedish. And who knows: a baby with this name might grow up to be a world leader!

63. Isabelle

In Swedish, the name “Isabelle” means “my God is my oath”. 


64. Lovisa

The Swedish meaning of “Lovisa” is “loud noise”, “fight” or “war”. Your little Lovisa is bound to have a fighter’s spirit if graced with this name, so get ready for those battles of independence and just remember, she will be able to stand her ground.

65. Ingrid

The literally beautiful name “Ingrid” means “to make beautiful” in Swedish. It comes from an Old Norse compound moniker that is made up of the names”Ing” and “Frey”, which mean “Beautiful Ing”.

It’s also been a name commonly used by the Swedish royal family, like Ingrid of Sweden who became Queen of Denmark in 1947. Or perhaps you prefer Ingrid Ragnvaldsdotter, born around 1100 as the daughter of the first son of the king of Sweden (and the mother of another Swedish king). Safe to say, there are some strong – and long – links to Swedish history with this name.

66. Märta

The Swedish meaning of the name Märta originates from the Greek name “Margaret”, and translates to “pearl” in Swedish. 

The name can be confused with the Aramaic name “Marta”, which means”the lady” or “the mistress”, and while the two look very similar, they are pronounced differently. Specifically, Märta sounds more like “Mat-ta” rather than having the “r” sound in Marta.

67. Ilse

Ilse comes from the Hebrew language and means “my God is my oath” in Swedish.

68. Elsie

In Swedish, the name “Elsie” means”God is my abundance”. It’s also simple, sweet and classic. 

69. Hanna

The name “Hanna” is derived from Ancient Greek and means “God is gracious” in Swedish.

70. Svea

In Swedish, the name “Svea” means”free and independent”. If you’re from an English-speaking background, this could sound like one of the more unique Swedish female names on this list, but it’s actually fairly common there (given that it’s on this list!) with a beautiful soft sound throughout.


71. Amelia

The admirable qualities of work, courageousness, and diligence embody the meaning of Amelia in Swedish.

72. Isabella

With Christian roots, “Isabella” signifies the God of Israel in Swedish. Even though the name was originally a Spanish one, it is now commonly used in Sweden.

73. Tuva

The word Tuva means “tuft” in Swedish, like a tuft of trees or bushes. It’s a great Swedish girls name if you’re looking for a touch of nature to be included in your little girl’s life.

74. Stina

Another name with Christian roots, Stina means “anointed follower of Christ” in Swedish. It is also short for the name “Christina”.

75. Hailey

In the Swedish language, the name Hailey means “a green leafy plant used as fodder”. This can make it a nice nod to nature if you don’t want some of the more obvious links that the other nature-based names on this list offer.

76. Hilda

Hilda means”battle”, “fight” and “old noise” in Swedish. This strong name has been used for centuries and, with a meaning of battle behind it, you may be in for a bit of a strong personality.

77. Ida

The name “Ida” means “to work” in Swedish and given that we all want our children to be prosperous, this could be the perfect name for that purpose.


78. Maria

The name Maria means “beloved child” in Swedish, which is a lovely thought.

79. Ayla

With Christian roots, the name “Ayla” means”God of Israel” in the Swedish language. There’s also a variant of this name spelled “Aila”. Sometimes, the meaning is attributed to the strength of an oak tree, or “coming from a strong place”.

80. Hedvig

The name Hedvig means “battle”, “fight” and “fighter” in the Swedish language. The name is a variant of the name “Edwig” and was very popular in the late 1800s, with somewhat of a resurgence being seen now.

81. Elin

A great name for an intelligent child is “Elin” which means”bright one” in Swedish. It’s also a beautiful variant of the name “Helen”.

82. Lovis

Lovis means “famous warrior” in the Swedish language. This suggests that she will be able to fight a good fight and still have a graceful heart and compassion, keeping both worlds in balance.

83. Melina

In Swedish, the name Melina means “vigor”, “work” and “courage” – all wonderful attributes for the women in our lives.

84. Ronja

The name Ronja is said to have been created by the author Astrid Lindgren for one of her books. As a character having all sorts of adventures as Ronja, the Robber’s Daughter, your own daughter could also live a life of fantastic discoveries.


85. Siri

In Swedish, the name”Siri” means “peace”, “tranquility” and “friendship’”.

86. Julie

The popular Swedish name “Julie” means”youthful” in the Swedish language.

87. Joline

The name “Joline” is a diminutive of the name “Josepha” meaning “God will increase”. Careful that this isn’t pronounced like the famous Dolly Parton song though – it’s more like “yo-lin”, for an English speaking ear.

88. Melissa

In Swedish, the name “Melissa” means “honey” or “honey bee” – how sweet!

89. Zoe

An encouraging definition, Zoe means”to live” in Swedish, meaning she is sure to be full of life.

90. Bianca

The name Bianca means “to shine like a bright white light” in Swedish. Expressive and a natural social butterfly, she will surely be flitting around here and there making friends and becoming the life of the party for years to come.

91. Millie

Millie is a nickname for the longer name “Camilla”, which signifies “one who assists a priest”.

92. Wilda

In Swedish, the name Wilda means to “shine” or “gleam”. The gleam in the eye of your little wild child Wilda could suddenly make sense with that meaning.

93. Filippa

Filippa means “a noble lover of horses” in Swedish – perfect for any budding equestrian.

94. Jasmine

In the Swedish language, Jasmine means “a gift from God”.

95. Maryann

Maryann is derived from the Hebrew language as a form of the traditional name, Mary, but with a nice, lovely surprise twist to it. She may be full of surprises herself.

96. Moa

Moa comes from the Old Norse word meaning “mother”. As traditional Swedish girl names go, this one definitely ticks that box in a lovely way.

97. Tilde

In Swedish, Tilde is a nickname for its root name “Matilda” (or “Mathilde” as it’s more commonly used in Sweden) meaning “strength in battle”.

98. Cornelia

In Swedish, the name Cornelia means”hard as a horn”. She may be a bit of a hot head, but she will be spirited. Hold on tight as you raise this little one.

99. Elina

The name Elina comes from Ancient Greek and means”brilliant shining torch” in Swedish. Anyone with this name is sure to bring beauty and light wherever she travels.

100. Idun

In Swedish, the name Indun signifies the Nordic goddess of youth and springtime. Both beautiful ideals for your little girl to carry forward!

Unique Swedish Names

While many Swedish girl names have English counterparts, there are some unique Swedish female names that are mostly unrecognizable to English speakers who may be fairly unfamiliar with Swedish.

Of course, popular can be great, but feel free to go out on that branch and pick a name that you know won’t be one of many on her future class list. With so many choices and such a wide variety, there is sure to be a name (or two or three!) that pops out at you. And then the hardest part may just be deciding which amazing unique name you should bestow upon your new bundle of joy.

Here’s a list of 15 unique Swedish names for girls:

  • Lovisa
  • Moa
  • Signe
  • Ronja
  • Meja
  • Promise
  • Idun
  • Ebba
  • Lo
  • Nova
  • Ilse
  • Ayla
  • Freja
  • Hedvig
  • Tilde

 Old Swedish female names

Selecting baby girl names is quite different today than it was during the 13 to 15th centuries – or even earlier. Beginning in the 13th century, what is now referred to as “Old Swedish” evolved from a language then known as “Old East Norse”. This language was used in Sweden during the following two centuries. 

Today, many of the names that existed back then are obsolete or have evolved into more modern language choices. The Old Swedish name “Dordie“, for example, has evolved into today’s version, “Dorotea”.

That said, there are still a number of traditional Swedish female names that remain popular. In fact, many of them can be found on the current list of the top 100 Swedish names for girls from last year.

Some traditional Swedish girl names that remain popular include:

  • Astrid
  • Olivia
  • Signe
  • Saga
  • Sigrid
  • Meja
  • Tyra
  • Ingrid
  • Moa

Information on the Swedish Naming Law

While you may be looking at this list of Swedish names for girls from outside of Sweden, if you’re planning to give birth in Sweden, it’s good to keep in mind that certain restrictions apply when parents choose names for their babies.

That is, in 2016, the Swedish government passed the Swedish Naming Law that regulates the way in which names are adopted. It includes points like:

  • Certain restrictions apply that forbid the use of famous names or those used by historical figures when naming children.
  • Parents may also not give a child a surname that was acquired during marriage if the child was born outside of that marriage. In other words, after a divorce, a parent is not allowed to pass along a name from his or her former marriage to any child that is born after the divorce. 
  • Parents are also not allowed to bestow names on their children that might be generally considered offensive in a way that might cause the child emotional discomfort later in life.
  • Someone (or a company) can sue another person to remove a name that might be damaging to the person filing the lawsuit. This includes, for example, that it is officially illegal to name a baby”IKEA” in Sweden. You can, however, name your children after the furniture that is sold at IKEA – just in case you’re tempted.