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Scandinavian countries are known for their warrior-themed boy names, many of which hail from Old Norse and even the Viking era, and Norwegian boy names are no exception. At the same time, it’s not uncommon for parents in Norway to choose names for their children that are popular elsewhere, as most countries, regardless of location, tend to share top baby names.

“Oliver” and “Sofia” are fantastic examples of baby names that have gained global popularity, bridging a gap between cultures and proving that we might not be so different no matter where we live in the world. Choosing a Norwegian male name is more complicated than you might think.

Perhaps you’re undecided between taking the classic route or choosing something that’s so utterly Norwegian that it’s unheard of in other areas in the world. Whatever path you decide to take, you’re certain to find something you like on this list!

baby with one of the most popular Norwegian boy names

Popular Norwegian boy names

You’ll find that many of the names on this list you’ve probably heard before – but they’re popular for a reason! However, there are some you’ve likely never come across, and that is the purpose of this list. 

When taking a closer look at the most popular Norwegian boy names from last year, based on the list issued by Statistics Norway, it’s essential to gain insight into the wide spectrum of names available.

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1. Noah

Also sometimes spelled “Noa” in Norway, Noah is of Hebrew origin and it means “rest” and “repose”. A biblical name from the Old Testament, Noah is the most common name in Norway from last year while remaining popular around the world. 

Though predominantly a male name, it’s not unheard of for parents to use the name for a baby girl. 

Did you know: Noah was actually the most popular Swedish name for boys last year too!

2. Oskar

Oskar, also spelled “Oscar”,is both Irish and Scandinavian in origin. In Old Norse, Oskar means “God’s spear”, while Gaelic culture interprets it as “deer-lover”. 

No matter which meaning you assign to the name, it’s an adorable name suitable for any baby boy. 

3. Oliver

Oliver has a few variations when it comes to meaning, as it has more than one probable place of origination. In Old Norse, Oliver means “ancestors descendants”, which is a pretty straightforward name meaning for a baby. 

However, in Greece, the name is said to mean “olive branch” or “olive tree”, and that could also be interpreted as meaning “peace”. The best thing about names? You get to choose the meaning that suits your family!

FYI: Oliver is also extremely popular in the rest of Scandinavia. For instance, it was the 5th most common Finnish boy name last year!

4. Lucas

Lucas has been popular around the globe for quite some time now. Parents of every culture flock to this name, and why not? It’s adorable! 

The name Lucas can also be spelled “Lukas” and means “bringer of light” in Latin. Its nicknames include “Luke” and “Luca”.

5. Isak

Isak, which is also spelled as “Issac”, is a name with biblical connotations. It means “he will laugh” with the “he” pertaining to God. 

This name is somewhat popular in many countries, though this particular spelling is typically reserved for those in the Scandinavian region. Isak is Hebrew in origin.

baby with one of the more uncommon Norwegian boy names

6. Aksel

Aksel is one of those uncommon Norwegian boy names (if you ask the rest of the world), that’s actually pretty common in Norway. Derived from Old Norse, Aksel actually means “divine cauldron”, which gives it super magical vibes. 

Parents that are very into Old Norse culture and mythology love Askel and appreciate it for its authenticity.

7. Emil

Emil is heard often throughout Germany and the Scandinavian region, and many recognize it as the male version of “Emily” or “Amelia”. Emil is Latin in origin and it means “excellent”. 

What better way to describe a new baby than that? Plus, the name itself is simple and sweet.

8. Filip

Filip is the Scandinavian version of Phillip, which comes from the Greek name “Phillipos”. Filip is translated from Greek as meaning “friend”, and though this spelling is common in Norway, the name is typically spelled “Phillip” in other regions. 

This is a good, strong name to give any baby boy. In fact, Filip is one of the more traditional Norwegian boy names that aren’t unfamiliar to the rest of the world.

You may want to take a look at the most popular Norwegian girl names from last year as well!

9. Jakob

Also spelled as “Jacob”, Jakob has not only made its way to fame in Norway, but every other parent on Earth seems to love it too! Jakob is a world-renowned name with biblical roots. The name is of Hebrew origin and it means “supplanter”.

It’s also the most popular of the Norwegian boy names that start with J. A lot of people like to look for these given the “y” sound that this letter has in Norway compared to the hard “j” sound in English (and others). So on that note, your little “ya-kob” (as it’s pronounced here) will definitely be able to make his mark.

10. William

William is such a classic name! Cute nicknames like “Billy”, “Billy”, “Liam”, and “Will” accompany this name wherever it goes. William has strong English roots, and the name itself means “strong-willed warrior”. Pretty much everything about this name is amazing.

FYI: William was the third most popular Danish name for boys last year. Take a look at our article to see who got silver and gold!

11. Kasper

So much more than a friendly ghost, Kasper is also spelled “Casper”, and it remains incredibly popular in Norway. The origin of Kasper has been traced back as far as the Old Testament, and it means “treasurer”. 

In my opinion, Kasper is easily one of the best Norwegian male names and continues to nearly top the charts year after year.

baby with one of the more traditional Norwegian boy names

12. Elias

With a nickname like “Eli”, you really can’t go wrong with the adorable name “Elias”. Elias is a version of “Elijah” and, like many names we have today, the name goes way back to biblical times. 

Elias means “The Lord is my God”, so it really doesn’t get much more biblical than that. 

13. Liam

Liam is a super cute name that can be a nickname for “William” or stand all on its own. Liam has Irish and English roots, and it means “strong-willed warrior”. 

If that sounds familiar, it’s because “William” has the same meaning. Basically, if you love this name meaning, you have more than one name choice! Brilliant!

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14. Magnus

Magnus isn’t too popular in many corners of the world, simply because the name has likely gotten a bit lost over time. However, in the Scandinavia region, Magnus reigns supreme. Magnus is of Latin descent, but it’s an incredibly popular Viking name that means “great”.

15. Tobias

Tobias, or “Toby” for short, is an adorable name of Hebrew origin. It means “God is good” and it remains ever-popular in Scandinavia, predominantly Norway. Regardless of your religious beliefs, Tobias is a strong, solid name that has stood the test of time.

baby with one of the more unique Norwegian boy names

16. Henrik

Henrik is an incredibly popular Scandinavian name, primarily in Denmark and Norway. Though its roots and origin story goes way back, it’s become one of the more modern Norwegian boy names, with parents across the region utilizing it often (including royalty)! Henrik means “ruler of the home”, which actually makes it a pretty good royal fit.

17. Theodor

Theodor is of Greek origin, and it means “gift from God” or “divine gift”. While many associate Theodor with an adorable little cartoon chipmunk, the name has been around for much longer than that, though it did cause a rise in popularity for the name itself. And, of course, a fantastic nickname for Theodor is “Theo”.

18. Johannes

Johannes is of Hebrew origin and it means “God is gracious”. You may see “Johan” and “Hans” as shortened versions of Johannes. Johannes is a popular name, primarily in Scandinavia, and it’s akin to the English name “John”.

Looking for a shorter alternative? Johann was one of the most popular Icelandic boy names from last year – take a look at that link for some more name inspiration from the region!

19. Ludvig

If you’re looking to stay very true to Norwegian and Scandinavian culture, “Ludvig” can help! Ludvig is one of the oldest Norwegian male names out there, and it means “famous warrior”. 

It’s an incredibly cool name with an even cooler meaning.

20. Mathias

Mathias is Hebrew in origin and means “gift of God”. Mathias is a different form of the name “Matthew”, which you’re likely to hear in many cultures around the world. 

While you’ll hear it a lot in some places, Mathias is a rare name for most of the western world, which makes it a good choice for parents that want to remain original.

baby with one of the more modern Norwegian boy names

21. Olav

Olav is a Scandinavian name derived from the Old Norse times. It means “relic”, and it remains extremely popular across Norway and beyond, consistently remaining one of the most popular Scandinavian male names year after year. Olav is also known to mean “heirloom” or “descendant”.

22. Victor

Though Victor has gained plenty of traction in Scandinavian countries, its origin is primarily French. Victor is a fantastic boys’ name, and it means “conqueror”. Some Christians will utilize this name in reference to Christ and his victory over sin and death, but this is just an example of how you can make almost any name work for what you believe!

23. Matheo

Matheo is of Spanish origin and it means “gift from God”, in a similar fashion to “Mathias”. 

In Scandinavia though, Matheo bears the meaning of “dearly loved”, and it’s another form of the name “Matthew”. Matheo is a super cute name that goes well with middle and last names in almost any culture.

24. Sander

Sander is one of the traditional Norwegian boy names that comes from Dutch and Scandinavian origin. It means “defending men”, and you’ll frequently hear variations of this name across Europe. Those variations include “Xander” and “Zander”.

25. Gustav

Gustav is also spelled “Gustaf” and is an extremely popular Norwegian male name. With origins in Sweden, Gustav means “staff of the Geats” and most likely developed from Old Norse mythology elements. Gustav is undeniably Scandinavian, so if that’s what you’re looking for, look no further!

baby with one of the more uncommon Norwegian male names

26. Hakon

Hakon is of entirely Scandinavian origin and means “noble” and “of the highest race”. It seems some people even take the “noble” meaning to literal levels, given that the Crown Prince of Norway is named Haakon, a common alternative spelling of this name.

Hakon is one of the most unique Norwegian boy names that you’re likely to come across. It ranks highly on baby name lists in Norway, Sweden, and Denmark as well.

27. Adam

Adam is a classic name that has traveled the world. It’s popular almost everywhere, and while that popularity waxes and wanes, Adam always manages to find its way back to the top of the charts. Adam is a Hebrew name that means “son of the Red Earth”.

28. Jonas

The name Jonas shot to worldwide popularity thanks to the Jonas Brothers, but many parents have been using this adorable name for centuries. 

Of Hebrew origin, Jonas means “dove”, which is an incredibly peaceful meaning. It can also mean “peaceful being” and “accomplishment”.

29. Ulrik

Ulrik is a name of German origin that remains popular across the Scandinavian region. Ulrik means “power of the wolf”, which, in all honesty, is a pretty fantastic name meaning. It might also mean “rich and noble heritage”, so this is another one where you get to choose your preference!

30. Alfred

A name of English descent, Alfred was made popular by the notorious filmmaker Alfred Hitchcock, though the name was in use long before Hitchcock came into the limelight. 

Oddly enough, Alfred means “elf counsel”, and its nicknames include “Al” and “Fred”. Despite its odd meaning, Alfred is a solid name that never goes out of style.

baby with one of the more traditional Norwegian male names

31. Benjamin

Benjamin is a name that remains popular all across the world. It stems back to the Old Testament and biblical era, but despite how old it is, parents of every cultural background like to use this name. Benjamin means “son of the right hand” and most people use “Ben” or “Benji” as a nickname.

32. Herman

An ancient Germanic name, Herman means “army’s man”. This name saw a ton of use a few decades ago but has since tapered off in its level of popularity. Herman is a great name, and many people forget that it exists until they come across it on a baby name list!

33. Mikkel

Mikkel is the Norwegian form of the name Michael, and it means “gift from God” or “who is like God”. Mikkel is of Hebrew origin and remains ever-popular in Scandinavia. Mikkel is one of those names that manage to stay modern while remaining unique and classic.

34. Mohammed

One of the most common names in the world, Mohammed means “praiseworthy”. You’ll also hear “Achmid” and “Hamid” as variations of Mohammed. Even though it’s not a common name in every culture, the name spans a massive range.

35. Alexander

Alexander is a variant of the Greek name “Alexandros” and it means “defender of men”. Alexander comes with nicknames like “Al”, “Alex” and “Xander”. 

It’s a popular name across the world, not reserved only for parents in Norway, though they love it too! You shouldn’t go wrong with Alexander, as it’s simple, sweet, and has fantastic meaning.

baby with one of the more unique Norwegian male names

36. Theo

Often short for Theodor, Theo means “God”, while the longer version means “God’s gift” or “gift from “God”. Overall, Theo is a great name all on its own, and doesn’t need “Theodor” to stand strong. 

While Theo is definitely popular in Norway, it falls in the mid-range on baby name lists around the world.

37. Sebastian

Sebastian is a name of Greek origin that means “venerable”. Many parents choose the nickname “Seb” to accompany Sebastian because the name itself is quite long. Sebastian is known to be both a given name and a surname, and it’s perfect for your new addition!

38. Even

Predominately a boys’ name, Even means “gift” or “winner”. This name is incredibly popular in Norway, and comes from the Old Norse name “Eivind”. Even though it looks like “Evan” is pronounced like “Ivan”.

39. Leon

The name Leon is of Spanish descent, and it’s from the Greek “lion”. The name can also mean “fierce or brave warrior”. Leon is considered another version of the name “Leo”, which also means Lion.

40. Johan

A version of the name “John” and a shortened version of “Johannes”, Johan means “God is gracious”, and it’s incredibly popular across Scandinavia. Johan is of Hebrew descent, and it continues to climb baby name charts all over the world. This is a completely classic name that offers a slightly modern twist on the name “Johannes”.

baby with one of the more modern Norwegian male names

41. Felix

Felix is a name of many origins and was once an incredibly popular Roman name. Felix means “lucky” or “fortunate” and has also been said to mean “happy” or “generous”. Felix is an adorable name that is generally quite rare, depending on where you live in the world. It can be used for both sexes, but for the most part, it’s predominantly male.

42. Markus

In Scandinavia, the name Markus means “Mars” or “God of War”. Markus is often spelled as “Marcus” in other regions of the world, though it’s definitely not as popular anywhere else as in Nordic countries. Markus can be shortened to “Mark”, and it’s a versatile name that goes with most middle and last names.

43. Adrian

Adrian is of both Latin and Greek origin. In Latin, Adrian means “son of Adria”, while in Greek it simply means “rich”. Adrian is a fantastic name and parents all over the world often utilize it for their babies. Adrian successfully works as a male or female name.

44. Odin

Odin comes from Old Norse, and can also be spelled as “Oden”. The meaning of the name is “frenzied” or “raging”. Odin is the oldest and wisest god in Norse mythology. While not commonly used as a first name in Sweden, parents in Norway love it, and it’s a really cool name to pay homage to any Nordic roots, especially if you don’t currently reside in the region.

45. Sverre

Sverre is of Nordic origin and is an incredibly common name in Norway, Iceland, and the Faroe Islands. It’s not as popular in Denmark and Sweden as it is in other Scandinavian countries. 

While you probably won’t hear Sverre in many parts of the world other than Scandinavian regions, it’s a completely unique name that means “wild” or “swinging”.


46. Iver

Iver is a firmly Scandinavian name that means “archer”. This could actually be a great way to honor someone else in your life named “Archer” by adding a foreign twist to it with this.

Fun fact: the band Bon Iver has nothing to do with this name. But I’m sure your little Iver will still be bon, even without that connection.

Unique Norwegian Boy Names

These unique Norwegian male names are certain to help you on your hunt for something out of the ordinary when it comes to naming your little one. Some of them you’ve likely heard before, but hopefully, some are entirely new to you!

  • Odin
  • Johan
  • Johannes
  • Mikkel
  • Ulrik
  • Herman
  • Sverre
  • Sander
  • Gustav
  • Olav
  • Ludvig
  • Elias
  • Kasper
  • Askel
  • Emil