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One of the best pieces of shopping around for names that will suit your new baby is the mere fact that names, in general, have become completely universal. Yes, each name has its own set of roots and meanings, but names can be successfully shared by many cultures without being bound by the reasons that we so often use to view ourselves as separate from each other.

Names are a very cool concept when you sit down and give it some thought. Not only are we tasked with giving a person a name that they’ll use for the rest of their lives, but we can make that name as meaningful (or not) as we want it to be. 

Choosing a name is a huge job, and hopefully, this list of the most popular Swedish boy names from last year (according to Statistics Sweden) will help you land on – or near – something you really love!

baby with one of the most popular Swedish boy names

Most popular Swedish boy names

Sweden is no different than the rest of the world in that parents who are native to the region often refer to name lists just like this one to choose a name for their newest addition. Whether you’re from Sweden or you just love the culture, there should easily be a name or two on this list that you adore.

Remember, meaning isn’t everything. While some people give it a lot of weight, it’s not always necessary to do so. Choose something you like and go from there. Following your gut instinct is a fantastic way to name your new baby. Don’t let anyone tell you otherwise!

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1. Noah

Noah has gained worldwide popularity when it comes to boy names, for many different reasons. A biblical name hailing from the Old Testament, Noah means “rest” or “repose”. For many, Noah is also interpreted to mean “peace”. 

It’s a fantastic baby name, not only because of its calming meaning, but because it’s short, sweet, and offers a wonderfully gentle sound.

2. William

When it comes to baby names, you can’t get more classic than William. Regardless of where you hail from in the world, it’s likely that you know more than one person with this timeless moniker. 

William means “strong-willed warrior” and it has undeniably English roots. Popular in Sweden and around the world, you can’t go wrong with William!

3. Liam

Liam is another name that gained worldwide popularity in the early 2010s, thanks to Australian actor Liam Hemsworth. However, he isn’t the first Liam to make it big in Hollywood, and he won’t be the last. Liam is the perfect name for your new addition. 

Originating in Ireland, Liam is a variation of William, and it means both “strong-willed warrior” and “protector”.

4. Hugo

Hugo is the first name on this list that has yet to gain global popularity, though it’s undeniably original and adorable. With Germanic roots, Hugo is one of those more unique Swedish boy names that Swedish parents love, and Hugo means “mind”, which is perfect if you plan on having a little thinker! 

Overall, Hugo is an adorable name, but if you’re into nicknames, this might not be the one for you.

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5. Lucas

Lucas comes from the Greek name Loukas, and interestingly enough, Lucas means “man from Lucania”. Lucania is a region in Southern Italy that is thought to mean “white” or “light”. 

In Latin, Lucas means bringer of light, and it’s just an adorable meaning for a super cute baby name.

baby with one of the more unique Swedish boy names

6. Adam

Adam is derived from the Hebrew “Adamah” and it means “earth”. Adam is a classic name that has gained global popularity and remains at the top of baby name lists around the world. It’s a super cute name that never goes out of style, regardless of how often you hear it. 

In terms of meanings, Adam is also biblical and has many different meanings for many people. However, it’s a sweet name that always works perfectly.

7. Oliver

Oliver originated in Old Norse, and it means “ancestors’ descendants”. Oliver also stems from the Latin and French words for “olive tree” and “olive”. 

In short, Oliver could also mean “peace” as the olive tree is known worldwide and in many cultures as a symbol of peace.

8. Matteo

Matteo is one of the top Swedish boy names, and for good reason. Not only is it original, but it has a wonderful sound and rhythm to it. Matteo comes of Hebrew descent and it means “Gift of God”, which, regardless of what you believe, has a gorgeous spiritual reference to give to your little one. 

This is a strong name with a wonderful meaning, and no matter how many times you hear it, Matteo always manages to stand out.

Did you know: Matteo may not have made the list of the most popular Finnish boy names last year, but Matias and Matti did – showing how variants of this name remain high on any parents’ wish list throughout the region!

9. Frans

Frans is definitely one of the more traditional Swedish boy names that you don’t hear too much of in other regions. Frans is reported to be of Latin origin, and it means “free man”. 

You might hear Frans pop up quite a bit if you travel through Germany as well, but in most cases, it remains popular in the Scandinavian region of the world.

10. Elias

Also one of the more popular Scandinavian boy names throughout the region, Elias doesn’t make it onto many baby name lists within other regions. Elias is also pretty biblical, meaning “The Lord is my God”, but if you love the way it looks and sounds, you don’t have to attach yourself too much to the meaning. That said, if the meaning hits home for you, then that’s even more perfect! 

Elias can be shortened to “Eli”, which has got to be one of the cutest little nicknames of all time.

baby with one of the top Swedish male names

11. Walter

Walter is a classic name that has stood the test of time, without question. It has been used for years around the world as a strong and sturdy boy’s name, and while it’s lost some of its fire in many regions, it’s still going strong in Sweden. 

In terms of meaning, Walter is Germanic in origin and it means “commander of the army”.

12. Leo

Leo was popular in my places globally a few decades ago and has recently made its resurgence back onto lists of popular baby names. 

The name “Leo” dates back centuries and is translated to mean “lion”. Leo is a superb choice for families that love animals or even astrology, as the lion is the astrological symbol for the Leo zodiac sign. It’s not technically an original name, but it’s always really cute.

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13. Leon

Leon is similar to “Leo” in that it can be directly translated into the meaning “lion”, but Leon also references “a fierce and brave warrior”. 

Both of the meanings for Leon are really cool, and it’s one of the super cute Swedish boy names. Leon is the perfect choice for parents that love “Leo” but want to put a little bit of a twist on it.

14. Oscar

Oscar is one of the old Swedish boys’ names on this list, which means it’s been in rotation for a while, but still manages to remain incredibly popular.

This name has Old Norse roots, and while it’s managed to maintain a little popularity globally, that popularity is much more widespread in Sweden. Oscar means “friend of deer”, which is a super sweet name for any little one.

Did you know: Oscar was actually the most popular Danish boy name last year!

15. Alfred

Alfred is one of those Swedish male names that manage to remain old-timey and modern all at once. Consistently shortened to “Alfie”, Alfred is a name that is perfect for the transition from childhood to adulthood. 

Oddly enough, Alfred means “elf counsel”, so if you really attach a lot of meaning to someone’s name, Alfred may not be the right choice.

baby with one of the more traditional Swedish names for boys

16. August

August is derived from the Latin “Augustus” and it’s another one of the old Swedish names for boys that made this list. Though classic, August has been out of the top baby name lists for long enough that it sounds unique once again, and it can be shortened to “Auggie” or “Gus”. August is (obviously) the name of one of the calendar months, but it also means “esteemed”.

17. Nils

Nils is a name that comes primarily from Scandinavian origin, and it means “Victory of the People”. While it’s typically not short for anything in Sweden, it is the Norwegian and Swedish version of the name “Nikolas” or “Nicholas”. 

The name Nils is definitely one of the Swedish male names that you’ll hear primarily in Old Norse countries, so if you’re outside of the region and looking for a cool Swedish name with an even cooler meaning, Nils should be considered!

18. Harry

There’s no doubt that Harry holds a spot in the hearts of many people throughout the world, as it’s a rather common name regardless of your location. In modern times, Harry is often a family name given to younger generations in respect for the older. A name of German origin and extremely popular in the UK, Harry means “home-ruler”.

19. Theo

Theo has been topping baby name lists in every corner of the world in recent years, and Sweden is no exception! While Theo, often short for Theodore, was popular in the 20s, 30s, and 40s, it’s recently seen a surge to the list of top Swedish boy names once again – not to mention in other countries. For example, both Theo and Theodor made the list of most popular Norwegian names for boys last year. 

Primarily a male name, and Greek in its origin, Theo means “gift of God”, and that makes it a very suitable name for a new baby. Theo is definitely one of the super cute Swedish boy names on this list, and while it’s relatively common today, your child is unlikely to have more than one of two classmates with the same title.

20. Sam

It’s hard to come up with a sweeter or more classic name than “Sam”. Sam is often short for Samuel, but it works well all on its own. Sam is of Hebrew origin, and a few of its most popular meanings include “God hears” and “told by God”. 

This is one of those names that manages to be traditional no matter where you are in the world, and that alone makes Sam a fantastic name. It’s also by far the most popular Swedish boy name starting with S (the next one down is “Sigge” at number 64) so could work well if you’re looking for a letter that also gives a nod to Sweden – and Scandinavia!

baby with one of the more cute Swedish male names

21. Otto

Though relatively unheard of 20 years ago, Otto has been making a serious comeback when it comes to modern parents naming their new babies. Originating in Germany, Otto means “wealth and prosperity” which, even if you don’t put too much weight into name meanings, isn’t too bad at all. 

Otto goes way back to the 7th century, so when you choose this name, you’re getting as old-school as possible, and it’s very cool.

22. Ludvig

Ludvig is one of the Swedish boy names that you’re very unlikely to hear outside of Scandinavia. Though it might not be too common in other places, Scandinavian parents know just how awesome this name is, as it means “famous warrior”. 

The name Ludvig will probably always be quite popular in Sweden, but if you live outside the region and you love it, give it a shot! Your child will likely be the only Ludvig around, and that makes for a phenomenal conversation starter.

23. Arvid

Common in Scandinavia but also Lithuania and Iran, Arvid means “forest of Eagles” or “Eagle wood”. It’s a wonderful name for families that want to remain true to their Scandinavian roots while intertwining the strength of the symbolism of the eagle. 

Arvid is a traditional Swedish boy name, particularly for Scandinavian royals throughout history, and has also been said to mean “king” and “legend”. If you name your baby Arvid, you can rest easy knowing that pretty much every meaning it has is absolutely killer.

24. Elliot

Elliot is a gender-neutral name that is most often used for men but works really well for females. Not only is Elliot a cool name for a girl, but you can shorten it to “Ellie”. 

That aside, Elliot has been in existence as a male name for centuries. Its origin is Hebrew, and it means “The Lord is my God”. No matter which gender you assign it to, Elliot is completely timeless.

25. Charlie

The name Charlie is actually of English origin, but it remains incredibly popular in Scandinavia and all around the rest of the world. Charlie means “free man” and it’s a diminutive of “Charles” and “Charlotte”. 

There’s no question that Charlie is classic, with people from all walks of life using the name for both their children and their pets! Charlie is a name that will never steer you wrong.

baby with one of the more old Swedish names for boys

26. Malte

The name “Malte” actually has a very cool story, as it originates from the now obsolete German name “Helmold”. While Helmold is no longer with us, Malte is going strong in the Scandinavian region, and it’s a fun and unique Swedish boy name. 

Malte means “helmet rule” and you can decide what that means to you when you choose the name. After all, one of the best parts of name meanings is that they can be tailored to your spiritual and personal belief system. Fun!

27. Isak

Many people believe that the name Isak comes from “Isaac” and they’re actually spot on with that assumption. Isak is from the baptismal name “Isaac”, and the surname Isak refers to the son of Issac. 

While the roots of the name can be a bit confusing, the meaning is pretty straightforward. Isak means “laughter”, which is a perfect name for a happy baby!

28. Alexander

Alexander is actually the Latin variant of the Greek name “Alexandros”, and it means “defender of men”. Alex comes with a few adorable nicknames, including “Al”, “Alex”, and “Xander”. 

The name Alexander is popular in every corner of the world, and remains at the top of baby name lists everywhere, Sweden included. It is most famously associated with Alexander the Great, the 4th-century king.

Did you know: Alexander was actually the second most popular Icelandic boy name from last year! Take a look at that link to see which name made number one!

29. Louie

Louie is an adorable and laid-back name. It’s short for Louis, and it works well on any baby boy. The meaning of Louie, however, is a bit more intimidating than its calming sound, as Louie and Louis both mean “famous warrior”. 

This name is relatively popular around the world, and while modern parents don’t utilize Louie as much as they used to, it hasn’t fallen off the map completely by any means!

30. Theodor

We’ve already talked a little bit about Theodor on this list, as the name “Theo” which is typically short for Theodor, has already been mentioned. Theodor, like Theo, means “gift of God” or “divine gift”. 

Theodor comes from the Greek origin “Theodoros” which combined means “God” and “gift”. The name is super cute, and if you decide to name your little one Theodor, you get to use “Theo” as a nickname, which is actually two extremely adorable names wrapped into one!

baby with one of the more rare Swedish boy names

31. Ebbe

Ebbe is definitely a different name that you won’t hear too often, making it one of the more rare Swedish boy names when it comes to how well-known it is outside of the region. However, it remains popular in Sweden, and it’s been that way for quite some time. 

It has a couple of meanings, and parents that like the name will have to decide which meaning will suit their little one more. The first meaning for Ebbe is “brave” while the other is “strong boar”. No matter which meaning you choose, Ebbe is a cool, original name that deserves more attention than it gets.

32. Adrian

Adrian is a name that has found popularity on and off in varying regions of the world, and it means “rich”. Adrian is of Greek origin, and it can be used as both a male and female name. However, when used as a female name, it’s typically spelled “Adrienne”. 

In the American baby name books, Adrian is often referred to as a “dark” name, but this is not how it originated. In short, it makes a wonderful name for a new baby!

Swedish names for boys linked to strength

If you’ve read through the names on this list and the meanings that go with them, you’ll know that strength is a major common factor. Scandinavian and Swedish names share plenty of strength-related meanings, which is a plus for parents that want both culture and meaning. 

Here are a few popular Swedish boy names that mean “strength” in some variant:

  • Leo
  • Alexander
  • Anders
  • Mattis
  • Rainer
  • Frans
  • Elias
  • Axel
  • Ethan
  • Andrew

Swedish male names linked to warriors

Because many Swedish names come from Old Norse and Viking roots, plenty of these names are linked to specific warriors, or they’re derived from a word or phrase that means “warrior”. In fact, you may be more likely to come across a name with a warrior theme in the Scandinavian region than anywhere else in the world! (Pure speculation on my part, so I wouldn’t recommend quoting me on that…) 

Here are a few Swedish boy names that hold the meaning “warrior”:

  • William
  • Liam
  • Walter
  • Ebbe
  • Louie
  • Alexander
  • Ludvig
  • Harry
  • Nils
  • Leo